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Travelog for: Paula the Snail

Home, Germany - 24th October 2011

By: Stu1981

Paula now is ready to start her journey all across Germany and is waiting for her first host. :D

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Home, Germany - 24th October 2011

By: Stu1981

I'm so excited! In a few days I will start my journey with a trip to jinny in Hessen! Just packing my things and then I can start! :-)


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Home, Germany - 25th October 2011

By: Stu1981

Last night at home  :)


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Post Office, Germany - 26th October 2011

By: Stu1981

Paula just gone to the post office to travel to Jinny in Hessen. She hopes to arrive there until saturday :)

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Dauborn, Germany - 29th October 2011

By: Jinny

Hey there! :D

I have safely arrived in Hessen! :)

My host has welcomed me nicely and told me we will try and see as much of Hessen as we can. After that we went to the cinema and watched a great movie. (I don't have a picture of that though. Taking pictures in a cinema is not nice, right?)

Tomorrow we will go and explore Limburg an der Lahn. I can't wait!

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Limburg an der Lahn, Germany - 30th October 2011

By: Jinny

Today we went to explore Limburg an der Lahn!
It's not such a big, but a beautiful city I must say! :)
Even though the weather wasn't the best.

After leaving the parking lot, we saw the first cool thing, the 'Brückenturm', which translates into Bridge Tower.
It's really big, about 14meters high and was used as a fortified tower.

The sight when walking over the bridge was really nice, I especially loved the small waterfalls.
And on the other side, you could see the 'Limburger Dom'.
I was really exited when I was told we would see it from up close!

There were also a few religious looking statues on the bridge, I couldn't find any information on them though.

When we left the bridge I was kind of confused though. The sign said Berlin, but I though I was in Hessen? Isn't Berlin somewhere else? I guess someone didn't pay attention at school  ;)

We then entered the historic part of Limburg. I really liked the look of it.
There are so many bakeries and restaurants.. I wish I could have tested them all!

Oh, and here's my favourite house. I think I fell in love with it.
It's really great, isn't it?

Then we saw the first church. It's not as big as the others, but still impressive, don't you think?

And this is the Bridge we crossed earlier. Just like the part of the city we were in, that actually is the old bridge.

When exploring more of the city, I saw a house which kind of reminded me of Lord of the Rings. It would even be the right size for me! :)

Before arriving at the Limburger Dom, we saw another church. It's bigger than the last one, but just wait and see! ;)
Oh, there were weird sounds coming out of there. I think it was supposed to be singing, but I'm not sure..

And now!
Here we are at the Limburger Dom.
It's really big, impressive and beautiful.
We were even allowed to go inside.
We weren't allowed to talk inside though, so I'll just be quiet and let you enjoy it silently, just like I did :)

Outside was a graveyard, with some gravestones sorted out, so I took a picture of those.

A bit further into the garden, I could see a part of the Dom that didn't quite fit to it. But it reminded me of a castle and I just had to show it.

When we left the Dom, we had to climb down a lot of stairs. Just imagine how long it took for me.  :o

But when we safely arrived downstairs, I discovered a mail box which really intrigued me. It's a replica of a mail box in 1896. I wish they would still look like this.

And that's about it.
We went the same way back, but the river was now surrounded by fog.
It's quite creepy, but also really cool. :)

I'll say bye for now. My host told me we are leaving for Darmstadt tomorrow, so I'll better get sleep.
See you soon! :)

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Darmstadt, Germany - 6th November 2011

By: Jinny

I'm back! :)
I had a fun week in Darmstadt, but I wasn't able to take any pictures :(
Unfortunately we were in the industrial area of Darmstadt, so there was not much to be seen.
Me and my host were quite busy and therefore couldn't visit the actual city, which is quite sad :(
But at least we had a great view from our hotel room! :)
There's a Moschee in the background. There are not much in Hessen, so this is quite unique.

And since my host was at the BTZ, which helps you train you in your job, we did a lot of great things. So to make up for the lack of pictures of the city, here are a few of the things we did :)



The next log will be more exiting, I promise :)

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Bad Camberg, Germany - 13th November 2011

By: Jinny

This time we visited Bad Camberg. It's not such a big city, but it's still worth seeing. :)


(Oh, btw.. Did you know that if there's a 'Bad' in front of the city name it's always a spa town? I sure didn't!)
First we had to walk a steepish trail to get to the more historic part of the city. On our way the first thing we discovered was a tower on the left side.


It's called 'Lieb'scher' and 'Weisser Turm' in German. The first word cannot be directly translated but it kind of means something like Darling, and the second word means White Tower. It's been build in 1893, so it's quite old already :)

After we finished walking up that trail, we came to some sort of fountain, but unfortunately there was no water :(
But just imagine how great it must look during summer time!


And then I discovered a stage! There was no one on stage, but my host told me, that there are a lot of plays during a festival in Summer . I really wanted to go on stage and become an actor, but my host didn't want to let me go. Not fair!  :mad:
I think I would be great  :D


Only a few steps away is the 'Amtshof'. It's the town hall and biiiig, so we couldn't fit it on one picture. It's about 155 meters long, which makes it one of the biggest half-timbered buildings in Hessen.


(Built 1609, Restored 1992)

Right beside it, is the 'Obertorturm'. Together with the 'Untertorturm' it's the only still standing tower of the past 13 towers.


After a little bit of walking we reached the market place and the first thing I saw was a fountain (one again without water :()


At the column in the middle you could see a goat, a fish, a bunny and a chicken.
But what about a snail? Aren't we good enough? D:

Anyway.. I discovered a goat right by the fountain and tried to ride it, but it wouldn't move :(


So I tried talking to the frog, who was sitting on one of the stairs of the fountain. But he wouldn't talk to me. Is it just me, or are all the animals mean here?  :o

I wanted to leave those rude animals behind and we continued our journey, until we reached the Obertorturm I mentioned earlier.


Right in front of it was a weird monument. I mean.. I understand why firefighters try to fight a fire, that's their job after all.. But what's the chicken doing there?


Since we found no explanation for it, and my host had no idea, we decided to walk a little bit more and found a bit of the old fortified wall. By now most of it is destroyed, but it used to be about 900meters long and all around Bad Camberg.


Our last stop was the catholic church with a beautiful looking tree in front of it.


After all that walking I was quite exhausted, so we decided to rest a little bit and go back after that. And I found the perfect sea for resting. It looked quite weird, but it sure was comfortable and I could even turn with it!


That's it for now.
Next time I will show you Bad Homburg! :)

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Bad Homburg, Germany - 20th November 2011

By: Jinny

Here I am again~!

This time we've been to Bad Homburg.
Well.. At first I've been forgotten though, because I overslept and was kind of hidden in the bed. So my host had to drive back and pick me up.
But after that we were on our way and were really lucky with the weather!


I've also met Tigger, who, at least according to him, guards the car so no one trys to steal it. It's quite amusing to listen to him and his storys.


After arriving and parking in Bad Homburg we immediately saw this great church. It's a Russian Orthodox church and the first time I saw one, too! :)


And just look at this amazing cross.


After a little bit of walking we arrived at the next church, though this time it's a English one. The Statue in front of it is of the landlord Elisabeth. (She was the daughter of the British King Georg III.)


I've also seen (and smelled :D) roses there. They're probably the last of this year, so it's something special :)


We went back to the park we came from and discovered a golf park. Apperantly it's the oldest in whole Germany! It's been here since 1889. (I didn't even know Golf existed back then.  :stare:)


And this is it, even though you can't see too much. But then again.. Golf mostly consist of green lawns anyway.  ;)


We left that boring place behind and continued walking, until we came across this big statue of a woman. (Once again Elisabeth, I guess  :))


The statue belongs to the well, named after her. The water from that well is really famous around here I've been told. You can buy it everywhere, even with flavor.


That's part one, but I'll post again tomorrow. There is way more to see! :)

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Bad Homburg, Germany - 24th November 2011

By: Jinny

Here I am again! With the second update :)
I'm sorry for taking so long, but my Host was quite busy and couldn't help me write the log D:

After we left the fountain and continued our journey we came across a memorial for the rulers that have lived and died in Bad Homburg. There have been five different ones during the history of Bad Homburg. Friedrich I, Wilhelm Christoph, Friedrich II, Friedrich Jakob and Friedrich Karl.



Not too far away was another memorial, this time it was for the soldiers that have died during the first world war though. Just look at how big that Lion is! I hope I can be as big and cool as him someday :)


The text of it roughly translates to 'A honor to the fallen ones, a warning for the living ones.'

Before we come to one of my most favourite parts of Bad Homburg, we came across a Herbal garden. It's not that thrilling though, because summer is over and it doesn't look as great anymore :(


And now~
We're getting to one of the most amazing parts of the things I've seen :)
They're called Thai-sala and have been built together with Thailand.





And the other one



They both had little bird houses infront of them, but I am sure we could make snail houses out of them, right? :3



After y host finally managed to drag me away from those great buildings, we go to see the Kaiser-Wilhelms-Bad.. It's a 'therapy' house and they offer a lot of things with wellness. I really wanted to go inside and get spoilt by that wellness, but unfortunately it is really expensive D:
Stupid prices!



Oh and that's Kaiser Wilhelm, the person it is named after.

There also was another fountain, but once again without water. Can you still call it a fountain if there is no water?  :stare:


When walking across the park, we came across this stone. Once again Berlin, just like in Limburg. But this time it said how for it is, so this time I guess it has some kind of use?


Next up is the castle and some really great churches! :)

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