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Travelog for: Horscht

christkindlmarkt - vienna, austria - 6th December 2011

By: Glubschi

What the...snowmen in a tree? Seriously? Who came up with this weird idea? Uch, humbug, waste of electricity. Complaining about unimportant things is fun.  :p

rathaus 13.jpg

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Christmastown, austria - 24th December 2011

By: Glubschi

Heyoooou to germany, I'm back! A little late, I know, but it's absolutely not my fault that my travellog was so lonely the last time. *snief* It's all my host Moe's fault cause he's a hell of a lazy bastard who needs weeks to do anything...includes writing a travellog. Actually I wanted to write it myself, but Jesus! I realized how small I am, when I saw how unreachably high the PC keyboard was lying on a table. I tried to crawl up one of the tablelegs, but the result looked like a table-humping moose, buh. Well, who cares, now this lazy couchpotatoe Moe's finally doing something. :p

It was christmas, yeeeh, boy! :D So first thing we did was going back to the Stephansplatz to take a look at the great christmas tree there. Actually it looked pretty boring and unoriginal...but it was BIIIG, so who cares. :p But me and the gang celebrated at home, was a nice evening. Moe showed us how to make peppercakes, and as a result of too much eggnogg and our incredible baking-skills we created awesome stuff: A luxury peppercake villa, a luxury peppercake-chocolate-swimming-pool with an even more luxury peppercake yacht in it and a peppercake pyramide. We're the best. B) Well actually we made more, a peppercake pacman, a peppercake camel and peppercake tetris block, but we ate them all. Haha, now I see the irony of eating pacman, cause he' always eating this white balls and...no, it's not funny anymore, it was funny when it was in my head. Sorry for that.

Anyways. Where was I? What was I talking about? About rabbits? No, don't think so. But I like rabbits, they are cute. Most of them. We should have had rabbits for christmas. But peppercake yachts and villas are good as well, I guess. Hm. Oh, yeah, christmas. Was a great night. :D


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Moe's dirty apartment, austria - 25th December 2011

By: Glubschi

And not to forget the great inflatable christmas tree we had. :p Much more impressive than the big one on Stephansplatz.

christmas tree.JPG

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Moe's castle, mushroom-kingdom - 25th December 2011

By: Glubschi

Wow, this Mario brothers are really nice, I mean, were really nice, but on the other hand, urgh, so annoying. At first we celebrated christmasnight together, drank a lot and everything, some others of the gang were already lying in their own vomit on the ground, but I guess that's normal in a night like this. Luigi was obviously a "bit" drunk I guess, well at least I think that's the explanation why he tried to make out with me...and everyone else on the party. Most of us said no, but ooobviously Mr carrot (one of our gang) was drunk enough to find Luigi attractive. Buh. Don't wanna imagine how it is to kiss a moustache.

But that's not all, the Mario Brothers talked aaall the night, no pause or anything, talking 'bout saving the princess, eating some magic mushrooms, jumping on people's heads, bla bla bla. And then they started calling me Yoshi and wanted to ride on my back, what the fuck?!
Well, luckily they were drunk, I just threw them to the ground and took a ride on their backs, ha! Nobody provokes the Horscht! :p
From that moment on they started calling me Bowser...gee, how drunk can you be...


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Tramway, vienna - 30th December 2011

By: Glubschi

Just hanging around in the tramway, on our way to buy the stuff we need for new year's eve. Dumdidummm...


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smallville, austria - 31st December 2011

By: Glubschi

Here it is now, the year of the Maya apocalypse, so we should party hard before the world ends.  :p The evening started with a nice cheese fondue with a LOT of wine in it, was enough to knock out a small moose like me. But that would have been MUCH too early, I waited for the real booze.  ;) I mean, getting drunk because of a fondue, that's a bit wrong. But obviously not wrong enough for Moe, he was finished before the evening was.
We got a bunch of fireworks as you can see on the picture (sadly, we had bigger ones, but we fired them before taking the pic. We forgot about it. :( ), well, 'fireworkies', as those are the little ones. But it was enough for us, especially as we had a great firework-view from where we were. Gave us an impression of how it will look the world will end this year.  :p And damn, the big gang picture of me and my friends with the booze in the background was the last moment we were all still able to walk upright. Crazy night, but it was great.  :D

And goddammit! Luigi and Mr Carrot made out together again!


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Potters Bar, England - 10th February 2012

By: Xadrian

Hello! Just letting you know I have safely arrived in England!

My package was opened by three toyvoyagers (Nanu the dog, Glubschi the penguin and Rendolph the reindeer who were eager to open the box and make some muffins!


To their surprise there wasn't a muffin mix inside, instead it was me!


The other voyagers were amazed at my height!


I was even taller than Paul, the giraffe!


I'll report back with more adventures soon!


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Potters Bar, England - 14th February 2012

By: Xadrian

Today all of the toys went outside to play in the snow!

I made a snow angel!


Brr! Thankfully I brought along my scarf, socks and shoes so I don't get too cold!


Time for a snowball fight! I tried running away from Nanu's snowballs, but after awhile I gave up and just let him pelt me with them  ;)


Look what us toys made! A snowman, complete with black bean eyes and stick arms.



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Potters Bar, England - 29th February 2012

By: Xadrian

Hi! Its been pretty quiet around here lately as my host has not been feeling that great.  Two new toyvoyagers arrived this week seeking adventure!

The first to arrive was Foxi.


I gave Foxi a ride around the living room!


A few days later a tiny koala named Aidan arrived.


Until Next Time,

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Northaw, England - 1st March 2012

By: Xadrian

Today we went for a walk around Northaw, a nearby village.

Did you know Northaw is Hertfordshire's best kept village? I didn't either, but apparently they are VERY proud of it.


This is the St. Thomas A Becket Parish Church.

"St Thomas a Becket Church, formerly known as St Thomas of Canterbury, was the third church built on the site in 1882. (The church before, dedicated in 1810, was completely destroyed by fire in 1881.)"
St. Thomas




Whew, slightly thirsty after the walk around the church grounds, I wonder we can get a drink from this pipe?


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London, England - 4th March 2012

By: Xadrian

Today we went into London to see St. Paul's Cathedral.  Unfortunately there was a security issue on the tubes so they were not running in that direction.

Instead we decided to walk around and see what there was to see.

First, my host wants to include a picture we took the other day at a mall in Essex.  Can you see me?


Ok, on with the London pictures!

We will rock you show with a giant Freddy Mercury out front.


The usual phone booth picture. My host managed to find a side that didn't have "creepy" advertisements posted on it.


Soho Square where there are several different statues outside.





Next we wandered over to Trafalgar Square.  On the way we saw more artsy things including a pretty egg!



St. Martin In-The-Fields church.






George Washington


Until Next time,

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Potters Bar, England - 20th March 2012

By: Xadrian

Today another toyvoyager arrived, his name is Ceryni.


What a tiny turtle huh?

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London, England - 26th March 2012

By: Xadrian

Today we went back into London and this time we went to China town.


Look at all the ducks and squid hanging in the window!


Next we hopped on the tube as they call it and went to see a huge clock tower called "Big Ben".


Right next to Big Ben was the Houses of Parliment.



Oliver Cromwell.
(Some information on Mr. Cromwell. )


This town has lots to see! Literally across the street was Westminster Abby where they hold lots of Royal marriages and such.



One last stop... the London Eye.


Wish you were here having fun with me!

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Hagen, Germany - 3rd May 2012

By: Clemy

Hey mom. Iīm arrived at my new guest family. They all very nice. My guest mom give me first something to drink, because my mouth were so dry. It tasted really good. Thatīs an mixed beer with "Kölsch" (from Cologne) and named "Gaffels Fassbrause". The petīs from my guest mom were very sweet an they had wonderful hair. Its really softly.
So thats for first.

Many greetings  ;) Horscht


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Iserlohn, Germany - 11th May 2012

By: Clemy

Hey mom and everybody,
we were in the city from Iserlohn. This is an little city nor very popular. But there very nice shops to go shopping B). In this week I meet the rabbit Clemens. Itīs a sweet rabbit and life in my guest family. He is black and as big as then me.
Pictuers follow

I Love you Mom Horscht

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