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Travelog for: little tina

Oldenburg, Germany - 14th November 2011

By: wiebkay

Hi Mommy!!

Gosh I'm exited!! :)  I've arrived savely last friday and became very tired.
My host had to learn for a classtest, so we spend a calm weekend.
While Wiebke was studying I played playstation. Saturday night we watched TV and - funny - I could see myself in there...thats weird :D

Also I made new friends: May I introduce:
Richard Wagner: He is a famous german composer
I also met another elephant, he told me that his race only can be found in east frisia ("Ostfriesland") and it's called "Ottifanten"  We talked a lot :) He's such a nice guy.

And I met my big orange friend, the Mice. I'm so glad I have familiar pets around me.

But tomorrow we'll go out, Wiebke promised me. Still it's cold and foggy, but I can't wait to see the city!! Hui, I'm exited :)

All the best,

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Oldenburg, Germany - 15th November 2011

By: wiebkay

MOMMY!!!!  Guess what!!!

Wiebke kept her promise, but not the way I thought :) 
We haven't been in the city yet, but we went to a concert!!!!
The german a-capella group "Wise Guys" played and it was so much fun :)

Unfortunately the picture isn't to well, we were to far in the back, but the concert was really awesome :) I guess there are my favourite band now :)
Love, Tina XOXO

Tina Wise Guys.jpg

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Oldenburg, Germany - 17th November 2011

By: wiebkay

Hi Mommy :)

Today we went into the city, Wiebke got some christmaspresents and showed me the oldest house in Oldenburg, build in 1676. It's the one with the restaurant.

Funny, the people in Oldenburg throw up their shoes on transmisson lines:) But I don't know why.

Tonight Wiebke and I made some Christmas Cookies, they're so delicious :)

Tina OL 1.jpg
Tina OL 2.jpg
Tina Backen 1.jpg
Tina Backen 2.jpg
Tina Backen 3.jpg
Tina Backen 4.jpg
Tina Backen 5.jpg

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Worpswede, Germany - 20th November 2011

By: wiebkay

Hi Mommy :)

This weekend was more exciting than the last one ;)
The weather was nice, not too foggy and so we walked around :)
I've seen many old hauses, and I love them :)

On the first Picture you can see the old town of oldeburg and in the following pictures you can see some old houses of the "wesermarsch" a landscape near Bremen.Funny one house is nearly as blue as I am ;) It's actually really quiet over here ;)

And, guess what: We had to take the ferry to set over the "Weser"

You see, I got to see a lot :)

Hope you had a nice weekend as well :*
Love Tina

Oh I forgot, I was able to see a really beautiful sunset :) :)

Tina OL 4.jpg
Tina OL 3.jpg
Tina Worpswede 3.jpg
Tina Worpswede 1.jpg
Tina Worpswede 2.jpg
Tina Worpswede 4.jpg
Tina Worpswede 5.jpg

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Oldenburg, Germany - 14th December 2011

By: wiebkay

Hi Mommy :)

Actually I'm on my trip home, but I found a picture which I dont want to deprive of you :)

Wiebke took me and Russ (who I sadly got to meet for a short time :( ) to her christmasshopping and there we say a cute little christmasmarked with teddys....somehow kind of kitchy, but funny :D

Russ und Tina Weihnachtsmarkt.jpg

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