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Travelog for: Graham

Home, Germany - 27th October 2011

By: Graham

This is the first day, I'm online here and now I'm going to find someone who wants to host me. I'd like to start my journey somewhere in Asia I guess. I really can't wait.

Furthermore I can't wait to get started. Pics will be added soon.


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Ratingen, Germany - 3rd November 2011

By: Graham

Finally one of my mummies had time to take the first picture of me.

I was relaxing in my warm, cosy bed, until she came and said I have to get up for this picture. She laid a "Kinderriegel" next to me, to show, how small I am.

Tomorrow, I will start my first trip - to Bochum, Starlight Express. There I will meet a guy also called Graham... Mummy said that so I hope she didn't lie. Isn't that exciting?! I really can't wait. Hope that it doesn't rain tomorrow so that I can take tons of pictures, just for you!



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Bochum, Germany - 4th November 2011

By: RedSwan

Wow, today was the day I went to Bochum. You don't know where Bochum is? Well, I tell you. It's a city in the Ruhrregion of Germany. It was quite exciting.

Our journey started at 3.39 pm at the station in Ratingen, where we had to go onto track 2.

After about 7 minutes later I took the train to Essen mainstation, where I had my own seat.

We had to change the train in Essen, after we got to Bochum. But what did we do in Bochum? We / I went to the stage door of the musical Starlight Express.

Acutally it was quite interesting. We found some bricks and one brick just said that I should be for Dustin and Greaseball?!? What is a Dustin and what a Greaseball?!? And another said "Gemüsenüdelauflauf"

At first I sat there all alone! Everybody was talking to another and I? I hadn't anyone to talk to.

But then Cosy came around and finally I had another ToyVoyager to talk to :)

As you see, I also got a "Yogurette". It's a certain type of chocolate.

At the end we went in front of the foyer. It was the first time that I saw such a huge theatre.

And I really tried to hold their logo. But that was hard.

After that try I turned around and guess what I saw?!? Yeah a real old steam train! Isn't that exciting?

My host mummy showed me then the guy who plays the steam train in Starlight Express. Can you imagine that? A guy playing a train? Strange, isnt it?

It was an amazing day and I really can't wait what the future brings!

But now I'm really tired.

Read you,

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Rtg - Homberg, Germany - 5th November 2011

By: RedSwan

Today, it wasn't so exciting like the yesterday. As my host mummy didn't feel well, we stayed at home or just visited her mum. So nothing really exciting.

At first, my host mummy Nat told me that she has to translate an English text and I told her to help her. But then she showed me the text it wasn't English... Well, it was English, but not that kind of English I'm used to read. It was - well, what did she say? - Old English (English that is spoken from 400 - 1100)

But she said that it doesn't matter if I can't translate it. She also needed to learn the vocabulary and that wouldn't be the text I had to work on. So she showed me another one. But even this text I couldn't really understand, although it wasn't old English. She told me that this one is written in Middle English (spoken from 1100 - 1500). It's acutally closer to our English. She added that she also has big problems in translating this text, so I looked up some vocabulary

But it wasn't a big help so we both gave up and just read the text she has to read until next lesson. I helped to highlight important words and phrases.

Afterwards she wanted to thank me and so I got the change to meet new friends, who always stays that my host mummys appartment. Acutally there were tons of koalas but there were too many people on this picture so I just show you the important ones.

Then she got a call by her mummy where we both went to. She said that her mummy would have some real animals, like two ferrets and a cat. So I really wanted to have photos with them. But I only got one of both ferrets and the cat.

My hosts mummy sister is also thinking about sending one of her stuffed animals around the world and so I should talk to him. At first I didn't really like him.

But after a while I really started to like him. We had a good talk and yeah, maybe he's also about travelling the world and maybe we see us again in another country. That would be fun and I really hope I will.

Then it got dark and Nat, my host mummy told me, that we have to leave. So we went home, where she read a story.. Just for me. But first, I had to choose a book. That was hard, as she has sooo many. Here's just me with a couple of her books

I layed down in bed, where I met a bear, called Cam. At first, I was really afraid but she said that she would take care of me. That was soo nice and then I fell asleep.

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Rtg - Homberg, Germany - 6th November 2011

By: RedSwan

On my last day over here my host mummy showed me the place she lives. Actually this place (Homberg) is small - just around 5,000 people live here. It's surrounded by fields.

First we had to walk a hill up. It was hard as I wasn't used to it until now. There we saw a man made of stone sitting a around and drinking something like a beer. Nat told me, that he's called Leo and the artist, who made this figure, lives in the house next door. Nevertheless I had to talk a picture with it.

Then we went until the end of the hill and I saw a church. Nat explained that it's the catholic one and the oldest in Ratingen. Unbelievable. But it should be older than 1,000 years. Can you imagine it? It doesn't look like that.

We turned around and I had a look down at the hill we just went. It really looks like a typical village and I really love these old frame houses my host is also living in (even if you don't see it anymore)

Afterwards she showed me the other church in the village. This one is just about turning 100 years upcoming year. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a picture having it in the background as there were soooooo many people who just came out.
In the afternoon we went to a birthdayparty where lots of mentally handicapped people were around. Unfortunately my mummy wasn't really allowed to take pictures so I'm happy I got this one with the cake.

In the evening I already had to go into the envelope as I'm going to the Netherlands right now. I had to go into it so early as it was the first thing to do the next morning. Right before going to university. But I was happy to be with her and maybe I will return for a longer period again.

Goodbye and read you out of the Netherlands :)

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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 9th November 2011

By: Cyn

Hi Mummy!!

I arrived savely at Cyn's Place in Holland!! My welcome was very warm, cause i was welcomed by BlueBunny and Hippa. They are really nice to me!! :)




I brought a nice postcard and some candy with me! Cyn really liked it! She was really surprised!! :)

After that i told Cyn that i'm tired of my journey, so she made a cozy and warm bed for me!


Tomorrow i will have a relaxing day, Cyn has to work and i will take a look at her office!!!

Miss you mummy!!

Love, Graham

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Castricum, Netherlands - 10th November 2011

By: Cyn

Hi Mummy!!!

Today started so great!!! Hippa & Bluebunny woke me up, and after that i played a game on the Ipad with my host Cyn!!



And Cyn told me, that i can come with her to her work! She works in Castricum on a travelagency, so there is a lot to see!!


I really like lions!!!! :) The look like big pussycats!

I also was playing hide and seek in a huge tree, can you find me mummy?

They also allready have a small Christmas Tree at the office, so i played a bit in it.


Cyn also wanted to show around where i am exactly.. I'm now in the Netherlands.. Well known as your neighbours! ;)


And mummy, i was a bit scared aswell today.. Cyn showed me to those big cat... I was so afraid that he would eat me, but i'm glad he didnt.. I could even pose with him for the photo!! Cool isn't it? :)


The rest of the day i have to wait at Cyn's work.. after that we will go to her school, so it will be a long day!!  B)

Bye mummy, miss you!

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Bocholt, Germany - 12th November 2011

By: Cyn

Hi Mummy!!!

Today we've been to Bocholt Germany!! We went shopping over there, so i was back at where i came from!! :)

We left Alkmaar at 07.15am, and we arrived at Bocholt at 09.30am or something.. So we made a long trip!!


We have been shopping a lot, Cyn loves to shop in Germany because the cosmetics are so cheap over there!! :)


And there was also allready a bit christmas decoration, i loved that!


For lunch we had Thai Noodles, have you ever tried them mummy? They are soooo nice!!!


After all we have been till 7pm in Bocholt, and it was nice to shop, take a look around, and also Cyn let us rest a bit, and play a bit!





It was a nice but long day, so i came home and slept a long time!!!

Bye now mummy, miss you!

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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 13th November 2011

By: Cyn

Hi Mum!!

Today we didn't do a lot of things.. We went shopping for some Christmas Decoration, and Cyn made a lovely white/silver/pink decoration.


What do you think mum? Pretty nice isn't it?



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Eschen, Liechtenstein - 23rd December 2011

By: Binle

Hi mum,
today I arrvived in Liechtenstein. My journey was very excausting, but now I'm happy to be here. :) I was very happy to came out of the envelope.
Binle told me, that she's very happy, to see me and she showed me my house were I can live for the next weeks.
Tomorrow I can celebrate Christmas with her and her family.  Now I'm very tired and I have to go to sleep. Good night mum.

IMG_0794 (320x240).jpg
IMG_0801 (240x320).jpg

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Eschen, Liechtenstein - 24th December 2011

By: Binle

Hi mum,
Today it was very exciting, because it's Christmas Eve. Binle decorated the Christmas tree and I helped her with the balls and lights.

After that we went to the cinema in Hohenems in Austria. It was the first time, that I went to IMAX and it was fantastic. We watched "Puss in Boots" and it was very funny. I had my own chair in the IMAX and the popcorn was great. :)

After the movie we went home and ate dinner. Mmmmh. Then we go to the other room with the Christmas tree and it looked so beautiful.

After that I was very tired and I went to my house to sleep.

IMG_0796 (240x320).jpg
IMG_0797 (240x320).jpg
IMG_0798 (240x320).jpg
IMG_0799 (240x320).jpg
IMG_0804 (240x320).jpg
IMG_0805 (320x240).jpg
IMG_0809 (240x320).jpg
IMG_0812 (240x320).jpg
IMG_0814 (240x320).jpg
IMG_0822 (240x320).jpg

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Eschen, Liechtenstein - 25th December 2011

By: Binle

Yesterday I was with Binle at her familys home for the Chistmas meal. The hole familiy was here and we had some funny hours. The meal was great and the day came soon to end.

Maybe we go tomorrow to see some sights in Liechtenstein. The weather here is beautiful, blue sky and the sun shines into the winterwonderland.

Miss you mum.

IMG_0830 (320x240).jpg
IMG_0832 (320x240).jpg

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Schaan, Liechtenstein - 28th December 2011

By: Binle

Hi mum,
today I went to Schaan with Binle and her friend to the Black Pearl Bar. There were some funny sculptures and I saw the Liechtensteiner beer "Krona". But Binle told me, that this beer makes headache. :)

Miss you mum.

IMG_0840 (320x240).jpg
IMG_0843 (320x240).jpg

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Feldkirch, Austria - 28th December 2011

By: Binle

Hi mum.

Today we were for breakfast in Feldkirch in Austria, that's near of the customs to Liechtenstein. We ate an American breakfast and it was great, just a litte bit to much. :D After that Binle went to the travel agency to book her vacations in the summer. She needed a lot of time and so I made a nap in her bag. :)
Bye, Graham.

IMG_0844 (320x240).jpg
IMG_0846 (320x240).jpg
IMG_0848 (320x240).jpg
IMG_0850 (320x240).jpg
IMG_0851 (320x240).jpg

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Bischofszell, Switzerland - 4th January 2012

By: Binle

Hi mum,

this week I'm in Bischofszell. That's the village where Binle lives under the week. At the weekend she lives in Liechtenstein.

I found a new friend. Her name is Ella the owl. :D
And I found a little palmtree, where I can climb all the time.

At the weekend Binle promised me, that we go to the capital city of Liechtenstein named Vaduz.

Miss you mum!

IMG_0871 (320x240).jpg
IMG_0873 (320x240).jpg

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