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Visit all 50 states (and hopefully take pics at the Welcome signs)

Visit all of the U.S. national parks (inspired by my buddy, Travis!)

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Travelog for: Puppy Graham

New Jersey, USA - 1st November 2011

By: Spac the Bear

This is my first update as I'm new to Toy Voyagers. I've been lots of places with my brother Spac the Bear, but I'm ready to go on my own adventures now. Sorry I don't have an avatar pic yet as I can't seem to insert one with Spac's iPad.

Anyhow, I'm off the California to stay with Pink and Gray for a while. They're Spac's bunny friends and they seem awfully nice. Can't wait to get there. It's going to be cramped in this box for the next few days!

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California, USA - 3rd November 2011

By: Spac the Bear

Hi there.  Spac here, writing on behalf of Graham. According to the U.S. Postal Service he has arrived in California and will soon be delivered to Pink and Gray, my bunny friends!  Good thing, too, because it was probably pretty boring in that box for two days.

Also, I have added an avatar pic for myself and Puppy Graham. Now the world can see us and our adventures!

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Los Angeles, California , United States - 5th November 2011

By: pinkandgray

I was rescued from the Post Office this morning!  I met Travis and my hosts, Pink Bunny and Gray Rabbit.  Before I know it, we are off on our first adventure.  We are off to a Pop Culture Con at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  How exciting!  It is called Comikaze and this is its first year. 

Looks like a big crowd ready to get their con on.

Are we in the correct line?  I don't remember buying tickets but our hosts say they have it covered.

Travis and I are ready to hit the floor and see what they have to offer.

I doff my cap as we visit the convention floor.  It was somewhat crowded but people were having fun.

They had video games to play (but the line was pretty long).

They had these games you could play on the tables with little minature figures.  It looked pretty complicated. 

They had posters and prints you could buy.  Look out, it's Spiderman.

Don't forget the comics . . .

Boxes and boxes of comics.

They also had panels and we learned what a colorist does for comics.  Testing, 1, 2, 3.  We would like to tell you about Toy Voyagers.  Ohh, there is no Toy Voyagers Panel?  Maybe next year.

The convention center is very big so we could not fit it all in the photo.

The people are nice.  We met these three standing in line.

Hey is anyone using this table?

We met so many colorful characters.

Like the super-heros, Green Arrow and Black Canary.  He had a boxing glove arrow [not featured in photograph].

Vampirella, The Crow and Batman.  Together.

DC's Guardian of the Skiffytown League of Heroes

Don't tell GI Joe, but we met the Baroness!

I don't know what Batman complains about.  Poison Ivy seems very friendly.

These aren't the voyagers you're looking for. . .

Bad Dragon, don't eat Travis.

That was an amazing day.  We are ready to head back.  Comikaze was great. 

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Los Angeles, CA, USA - 6th November 2011

By: Spac the Bear

Whew! Finally got out of that cramped box in the Post Office and picked up by Pink and Gray. They have taken both Travis and I to the Comikaze Convention. What a cool way to spend my very first day out in California. Hello, L.A.! They took lots of pics, so we'll hopefully post them soon.

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Huntington Gardens, Pasadena CA, United States - 13th November 2011

By: pinkandgray

Where are Travis and I off to today?

The Huntington, a collection of gardens and museums in Pasadena

Who is that sitting on the bench in the gardens?

I think I can almost see it . . .

Just the two of us hanging out enjoying the pretty plants.

They also have nice urns around the gardens

With cosy little places to just sit back

Benches were plentiful

Lots of different types of gardens

We went to the Japanese gardens

That looks like a neat pavilion.

They had signs that tell you about this pavilion.

Washing away thoughts . . .  Hey, you can see the Chinese Gardens in the very far away.

They had a large Chinese garden.

Uhh, can you read Chinese?

You can see the pavilion that we were just visiting.

Lots of water as well.

Big Koi just swimming away from us.

More signs around the place, telling us about the gardens.

They also had places to eat by the water.

Our host likes putting his visitors in trees. 

We humor him.

He is friendlier than he looks.

Good doggie.

This is nice but is there somewhere more comfy.

Ahh, a nice bench in the shade.  Hey it's the Tea room behind us.  Maybe time for a spot of tea.

Care for a scone?

I couldn't eat any more.

Outside the tea room they had lovely rose gardens

With nice trellised walkways.

Pretty flowers.

We did go into some of the galleries, but we did not take any pictures there.

There were lots of places to visit.

Too much to see in one day.

The Huntington was lots of fun and we would recommend anyone visiting to check it out.

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Los Angeles, United States - 17th November 2011

By: pinkandgray

Travis and I got to see the outside of the Staples Center.  Home of many sports teams, the Lakers, the Sparks, the Kings, the Clippers.

Somehow a giant thumb also sneaked into the photo.

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Disneyland, United States of America - 3rd December 2011

By: pinkandgray

Can you guess where Travis and I (along with our hosts are going today?  We are very excited!

Can you guess now?  The title of this entry is a big clue.

We are at Disneyland!

Quite a nice sign and we agree with the sentiment.

We are at Main Street in the front of the park and it is decorated for Christmas.

The Christmas tree was so big that it would not even fit in the photo.

Santa Bear would love this place.

After Main Street you have the Partners Statue with Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.  I am really here.

Behind the Statue is the famous castle.  It is very pretty.  Our hosts said they would take us to each part of the park, we had not already seen: Adventureland, New Orleans Square, Frontier Land, Fantasy Land, Mickey's Toon Town and Tomorrow Land

Adventure Land.  What adventures await?

They have an enchanted Tiki Room there.

We also saw the Mark Twain riverboat steam by us.  Wave to everyone on it.

Where are we headed next?  To New Orleans Square.

What's the ride we are going on?

It's Pirates of the Caribbean.  Recently re-opened after having some renovations done on it.

I guess this is in case anyone tries to cut in line.  We had better queue up.

We are in line and it moves quickly.

Inside the ride!!  OK, maybe this is why we shouldn't take photos in the rides.  You will just have to take our word about it.  It was so much fun.  It is a boat ride filled with piratey fun.  Yo, ho, Yo, ho, maybe I should consider a pirate's life.

New Orleans square was also decorated for the holidays.  Very festive indeed.

Lots of signs so you couldn't get lost.

They also have pretty decorations in the square.

There is a train that goes around the park and stops at the different lands. 

The Haunted Mansion was lots of fun.  It had special holiday decorations.

Jack Skellington adds his personal touches to the Mansion as well.  It is a spooky good time.

Next stop is Frontier Land.

There are places to eat and catch a show in Frontier Land.

There is also Big Thunder Railroad, which is an exciting but small roller coaster that takes you through an abandoned mine.

Maybe time to rest on the bench.

I think I like the look of Frontier Land.

It has a fort built into it.

Does anyone want to pull us around in a little cart?  No takers?  OK.

Off to Fantasy Land.  It is on the other side of the castle.

There is a big carousel in the middle of Fantasy Land. 

It's Monstro the Whale from Pinocchio.  Be careful.

Mr. Knight, we are glad to see you.  Look out for the big whale.

We want to ride that big ride in Fantasy Land.

It's A Small World.  For a small world, it is in a big building.

Lots of great topiary around the ride.

The lines move fast and before you know it, you are in a boat transported around the world.

That was a great ride.  I hope everyone tries to ride it.

If you look closely, you can see the boats behind us.

Tomorrow Land sounds perfect for Travis.  That is the home of Space Mountain.

So this is the future.

They also have a submarine ride where you can see Nemo and his friends.

This is the lake where the submarines dive.

It is right next to the Matterhorn.  A big mountain with an exciting ride around it.

You can also get a driver's license and ride Autopia.  There are many cars in Los Angeles so the people must really like driving.

At the Jedi Academy, you can learn the ways of the force.

The Astro Orbiter is one of the oldest rides in the park.  It goes faster than you might think, but for Travis it is no problem. 

We have more adventures, but we are going to save that as Part 2.  Stay Tuned.

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Disneyland, United States of America - 5th December 2011

By: pinkandgray

Where were we again?

Disneyland!!!  I was just kidding.  We were taking in the sites of Tomorrow Land.

We went on the renevated Star Tours ride.  It was fun but C3PO needs to take some flight lessons.

Next Stop is Mickey's ToonTown. 

What a charming little section of the park.

Lots of pretty houses.

I don't know if this is a safe place to sit.

This seems better.

They have the Christmas decorations up.

We are at the courthouse.

We hear a rumor that Mickey's house is somewhere around here.  We would love to meet him.

I am not sure if this counts as meeting Mickey.

There is a wishing well behind Minnie's house.  We must be close.

We found it!  Time to take the tour.

We both agree that Pluto needs a bigger house.

Mickey's house has lots of comfy furniture.

It sure is nice of Mickey to let people tour his house.  I wish I could thank him.


In case you can't believe your eyes, we took two pictures.  Mickey was a very gracious host.

It was truly a magical day that I won't forget. 

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Southern California, United States of America - 12th December 2011

By: pinkandgray

Well soon time for me to hit the road again and return home.  We did spin around the area for one last view.

Are we going shopping for the holidays?

I would hate to see the screwdriver that fits in this screw.

Starts to rain just as we are ready to shop

We found cover for the rain, but some doesn't feel right.

Yikes! We are sitting on a grill!

Time to take this thing for a spin.  Look out world.

I had a great time in Los Angeles and I got to go to Disneyland.  I will never forget my hosts, nor my travel buddy Travis.  I wonder where I will be off to next?  Happy Holidays!

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Phoenix, Arizona, USA - 2nd February 2012

By: Bart

I'm on the road again! I arrived safely in Phoenix, Arizona today with my buddy Travis! I'll be staying with Travis' family for a while even though he's leaving for Germany soon.

I was so happy when the box we traveled in was finally opened and I saw some smiling, friendly faces to welcome us to Arizona!

Bart and Lilac helped us out of the box and greeted us with big hugs! Then it was time for a quick group photo!

It's so nice to finally meet Bart, Travis talked about him a lot!  I also finally got to meet Lilac!  I told her how much fun I had with her family when I stayed with them in California!

It was starting to get dark so I decided to go outside to get some fresh air and get a quick look at Arizona before the sun went down! http://i1159.photobucket.com/albums/p622/BartKTweets/Toy%20Voyager%20Graham%20-%2002-02-12/2012-02-02_18-07-05_962.jpg

I went back into the house and sat down on the sofa with Travis to relax for awhile. Suddenly I had a new friend! She just snuggled right up to me! Her name is Kayla and she's a very sweet kitty!

A little later I took off my hat and went to sit on a big black chair. Before I knew it I was greeted by Travis' brothers! Tal, Carl, Ty and Trevor are all very nice!

We decided to take a group photo!

We realized this black chair is really nice for taking photos, so Bart & I had our picture taken together too. I can already tell that Bart and I are going to be great buddies!

We decided to take one last photo tonight.  I'd say it turned out pretty cute!

I'm tired after my long journey, but I'm so happy to be in Phoenix!  I can't wait to see new things and have fun adventures!

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Phoenix, Arizona, USA - 3rd February 2012

By: Bart

Today is my first full day in Arizona, so I wanted to get up early and start the day! I was curious what the weather was going to be like, so I turned on the Weather Channel.  Since it was early morning it was only 58 degrees (but that's still a little warmer than back home!). 

I was glad to hear that the high today is going to be 68 degrees! I'll settle for that, after all, it is only February!

The forecast gets even better! 72 degrees, 75, 76 and 77 degrees! Perfect! Wow, I think I like winter in Arizona already!

I was so excited about the warm weather, I had to go outside and see the day...

...and roll around on the "winter grass" a little bit! Who knew there was such a thing as "winter grass"?! My human host told me they have different types of grass for winter and summer. The winter grass is "Rye grass" and summer grass is called "Bermuda grass".  Bermuda grass can withstand the high desert temperatures as long as it has sufficient water. In September the Bermuda grass goes dormant and Rye grass can be planted on top of it.  In May, when the high temperatures start to kill the Rye grass, the Bermuda grass starts growing again. Interesting...like I said, who knew!

I did some exploring in the yard and found some pretty little flowers were blooming on a bush! Hard to believe we recetly had snow in New Jersey and here flowers are blooming!

I was hungry after all of that playing around outside! Lilac and I decided to have a snack! Chips and salsa....mmmm...delicious! The perfect snack when you're visiting the southwest!

We went upstairs and joined Bart and Travis in a big comfy chair in the loft.  Travis was excitedly talking about all of his fun adventures!  He was showing Bart and Lilac his postcards from New York (I already saw them so I sat in the back).  He had stories to tell about his first ever train ride and all of the famous sights he saw!

Travis also showed them the business cards from the diners he saw in New Jersey! We heard about all of the great food at the Park West Diner and the great time he had bowling at Fairlawn Lanes!

Travis was most excited to show everyone his CD from his first ever Phish concert (at Madison Square Garden!)! Travis was saying that you were so kind to make the CD for him so he would remember it always!  They were really impressed with the CD cover you made out of the tickets from the two shows you took Travis to! I had already heard all of the details before, but it was fun to see Travis get so excited as he shared his stories with all of us!

Everyone agreed that they wanted to hear the concert Travis was at, so we put on the Phish CD! We were all rocking out to it!

While we were listening to Phish, one of my human hosts was busily creating a game called "Concentration", for Bart's upcoming ice cream social.  It's based on an old television game show where you match prizes (and win them!) and then solve a puzzle. They had to make two boards, a prize board and a puzzle board.  I said I'd help, so my host let me cut out letters for the top of the prize board.

It took a long time, but we finally finished both boards! I think they look pretty good! I hope the guests like the game and all of the prizes they're going to win!


What a busy, but fun, first day in Phoenix! Maybe tomorrow I'll get to do and see lots more fun things!

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Phoenix, Arizona, USA - 4th February 2012

By: Bart

Today one of our human hosts took us on a fun, mini adventure.

First, we went to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport to see if there was anything interesting to see. Unfortunately, there really wasn't much. I learned some interesting things, though. Gateway is much, much smaller than Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, even though two small commercial airlines fly into it. President Obama flew into Gateway three weeks ago when he came to Arizona. That's when all of the controversy happened because Arizona Govenor, Jan Brewer, pointed her finger at him. More interesting though, is that Gateway Airport used to be Williams Air Force Base. Up until it's closing in 1993, Williams AFB was the leading pilot training facility of the United States Air Force.

We saw a jet, a kind of "memorial", acknowledging the forner Air Force Base (sorry the jet isn't in focus).

The former Williams Air Force Base property is also now home to Chandler-Gilbert Community College and Arizona State University's Polytechnic campus. In 2006 the movie, "The Kingdom" (starring Jamie Fox, Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman), was filmed, in part, on the ASU campus. My host said that when driving to the house they were having built, you could see one of the movie sets from the road. She said on occasion you could see actors walking around on the set in traditional Saudi Arabian robes and headdress, too.  Unfortunately, there weren't any remnants from the movie set for us to see. 

Then I saw something exciting! I saw my first ever Saguaro Cactus! They're amazing! They can grow up to 50 feet tall and it can take up to 75 years for it to grow it's first arm. They're native to Arizona's Sonoran Desert. In this picture you can also see some Agave plants. They are from the same plant family as the medicinal Aloe Vera plant.

Next, we drove to Superstition Springs Mall. I asked why it was called that. My host said I would learn more about the Superstition Mountains and why they are called that on an upcoming "old west" adventure.

My host wanted to show me something she said might make me feel at home. She took me to see the 5 & Diner! It's a chain restaurant, but she said they have good food and a fun 1950s ambiance.


Travis agreed that the 5 & Diner looked very similar to the New Jersey Diners he saw, especially Park West Diner.


We didn't eat at the 5 & Diner because we were going to bring home a pizza. My host said we should decide what kind to order and that I could call in the order.

"Hello, Hungry Howie, this is Puppy Graham. We have three hungry Toy Voyagers in the car and we're coming to get a pizza with sausage and extra sauce on it."

"Ok, please have it ready in about 30 minutes, we have to take a few more pictures before we get there. Thanks. See you soon. Bye."

We saw some beautiful Bougainvillea plants! I've never seen any of them in New Jersey, so I had to have my picture with them. http://i1159.photobucket.com/albums/p622/BartKTweets/Toy%20Voyagers%20-%2002-04-12/101_1630cr.jpg

The sun was starting to go down, so it was time to get back in the car and head to Hungry Howie's to get our pizza.

Mmmm...looks yummy! I can't wait to dig in! We'll eat some tonight and then have left-overs tomorrow during the Super Bowl.

Today's little adventure was fun, I finally got to see a little more of Arizona!

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Phoenix, Arizona, USA - 5th February 2012

By: Bart

Today was a relaxing day. My hosts were watching shows they'd recorded on the DVR, so Lilac, Travis and I watched with them.  Today is Super Bowl Sunday.  Even though my hosts aren't huge football fans, they kept flipping channels to watch it for 5 or 10 minutes at a time. I think they wanted to see all of the new commercials more than they wanted to keep up with the score! They said their favorite commercial was the M&M commercial with Ms. Brown.  I have to say, I thought it was hilarious, too!

Here we are watching the Super Bowl.  Did you notice that dark image on the left next to Travis? That's Kayla. She sat down with us, but she wasn't paying attention (that's why you can't see her head).  I think she was bored...

...so she got up and left.

For dinner we had some pizza that was left over from yesterday. Left over pizza is always good, especially if there's extra sauce on it.  Mmmm...yummy!

Before we knew it half of the game was over and it was time for the half-time show with Madonna! It was quite an amazing show! The lighting and special effects were amazing and Madonna put on a great show.   

My hosts said we have a few quick errands to run tomorrow, so it was really nice to stay home, watch tv and relax today. 

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Phoenix, Arizona, USA - 6th February 2012

By: Bart

Today we had a few things we had to do for Bart's ice cream social which is only a few days away.

The first stop was Staples to get some newsletters printed that showed pictures from the 4th annual ice cream social.

Then it was on to Michael's to find a basket for the special cookies we ordered for the ice cream social.

Travis wanted to stop at the Cox Solution Store. That's where he was adopted from.  He said he had to check in with his people and take care of some other business.  Lilac and I waited in the car. When Travis came out he was carrying a very big blue bag. 

When we got home we asked Travis what was in the bag. He said it was a surprise...

...but that he would show us (and only us, for now) if we promised not to tell anyone else. We promised.

It's fun to have a secret surprise! Travis is leaving for Germany soon, but he said he'll ask Bart to update the Travelog entry to reveal more about the surprise a little later.

It was a fun day shopping and learning about Travis' special surprise!

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Phoenix, Arizona, USA - 8th February 2012

By: Bart

Today we had to have dinner and watch tv in the master bedroom because the DVR crashed.  My hosts were very unhappy because they had over 20 hours of shows saved that they wanted to see. The good news is that a few of those shows (about 8 hours of shows) were also taped on the bedroom DVR, so it's not a complete loss.

Here's a picture of me with Bart, Lilac and Travis.  We're ready to watch tv.  That's Jake, another one of the cats that lives here.  They call him "The Plopper" because he likes to "plop" (kind of throw his body down) on to the bed. He's a very sweet cat.  He has Diabetes and they’re trying to make him well with insulin shots twice a day.

Travis called his people at Cox to schedule someone to come out and replace the DVR.  They'll be out Friday, so until then I guess we'll be watching tv in the bedroom.

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