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Travelog for: Eloy

Laubach-Münster, Germany - 29th October 2011

By: Eustachia

Hello everyone  :D

My name is Eloy and this is my first Travelog. First of all, thank you for visiting my profile. I'm so excited to be here and find new friends. I hope i will find a host soon and Eustachia, my lovely mentor, will let me leave our home to travel all around the world.
So many adventures are waiting for me and i cannot wait to expect them.

Now i want to introduce you one of my best friends: Eloy  ;) Isn't he beatiful? He is the reason why Eustachia gave me my name.
We are the Eloys  :p


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Laubach-Münster, Germany - 29th October 2011

By: Eustachia

Today i was going on a travel with my Mentor.
We started in Münster, my hometown.. hmm it isn't really a town, more a village  ;)


Our destination was Giessen. The town were you can find my favorrite Sushi Bar. Uuuhh, i looooove Sushi!

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Giessen, Germany - 29th October 2011

By: Eustachia

When we arrived in Giessen, it was time for lunch...

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Giessen, Germany - 29th October 2011

By: Eustachia

Yum Yum  :D



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Laubach-Münster, Germany - 29th October 2011

By: Eustachia

Back at home it was time for some sleep.. too much Sushi for a little lion like me  :)

Maybe my next sushi lunch will be in Japan.. i'm looing forward for this.

See you soon guys.

Eloy  :D

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Rheine, Germany - 8th November 2011

By: Eustachia

Hello friends.

Today i wanna introduce you Cosy, a very special friend.


He a bit shy and fearful, so he is no toyvoyger so far.

Eustachia made a buisness travel and asked us, if we wanna come along with her. I was so excited, because she wants to travel to Netherlands. Wooow.

Cosy and me, we checked the plan for the marked in Enschede, at the "Van Heekplein place" while Eustachia was driving...


Netherlands... we are coming!  :D


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Enschede, Van Heekplein, Netherlands - 8th November 2011

By: Eustachia

Waaahh... we passed the border and suddenly a police car was driving quickly past. It was activating the flashing blue light...  :o

..we all were getting a bit nervous... but...    Phew! They cashed the car in front of us!  :rolleyes:

So we continued our journey to Enschede.

Eustachia told us, that these houses are characteristic for Netherlands. With huge windows at the front  :stare:

We arrived at the Van Heekplein at 16:00 pm.
Cosy was a bit afraid of this new town and all these foreigners, so he stayed in the shopping basket of my mentor Eustachia. :p

At the market we found a lot of fruits..

more fruits...

Cheese of course..  ;)

and some clothing stuff as well

We walked some time across the market and after that we went to a supermarket to buy some foods, we cannot buy in germany.

This was our dinner.

We didn't knew what "Huzaren schotel" means, but it was very tasty  :D I think it was a form of potato salad with mayonnaise, egg, carrots and little onions. Yummy!

It was late and so we drived to our hotel to take some sleep.
Good night  :)

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Osnabrück, Germany - 9th November 2011

By: Eustachia

Good morning! *yawn*

We've slept very well at our Hotel nearby Osnabrück, a town in the north-west of Germany.

Today we will visit the zoo in Osnabrück.

I hope i will meet some lions. Uuhh, how exciting...

There were sooo many nice animals. So i will show you some of them.  :)

First i met a giraffe. What a long throat.. wow  :o

Here are some other little friends. I don't remember their name, but they were very hungry..

It was early in the morning and the weather was very foggy, as you can see on my next picture.

It was time for breakfast.. for donkeys too  ;)

Here you can see a golden jackal.. it seems he's a bit drowsy  :p

That's the enclousure of some apes, but i think it was too early in the morning for them. They were still slepping inside. Who'd have thunk? Look at this cold and wet weather..

The next stop was one of my favorites.. The servals.  :D Isn't she beautiful?

She is a mummy, so lets have a look at her kitten...

They are sooo cute...

Bye bye little cuties.. and take care!

Its time for me to go to the biggest cats... the lions  :D

Woooow! What a majestic head.

What do you think? Do i look like him?  :D

Look here.. i'm as big as he is! B)

Come on guys, let's play around...

Woohooo.. i've met a real lion family. They were very friendly and we talked a lot.. about lion things, you know?  ;)

Who is sleeping here?                  A silver fox!

The bears look very relaxed.. no aktion..

..other than the european wisent. They fight! But it was more a tussle, just for fun  :rolleyes:

Next we visited some deers to dance around with them  :p

The snowly owl looks very precious, but she was a bit bigheaded. She ignored me completely  :thinking:

Here's another guy, called "Lachender Hans", which means laughing Hans in english. What a funny name  :)

This little white fluffy thing at the tree trunk is called arctic fox. How cute he is!

In the end i met my friend the giraffe from the beginning of my zoo visit again.

Now it was time to say goodbye. What a great day!

I hope to show you some more adventure pics soon, but now it's time for me to go back home.


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Darmstadt, Mathildenhöhe, Germany - 11th November 2011

By: Eustachia

Hello everyone  :)

Today i've visited Darmstadt, the Mathildenhöhe with my firend Cosy and my Mentor. The weather was very nice and autumnally, so we thought it was a good time to take a walk at the Mathildenhöhe.

At the Mathildenhöhe you can visit a museum..

walk around at a small park called "Platanenhain"..

ans visit the impressive russian chapel with the golden roof. Thats why it is called "the crown of the city".

This whole place was build between 1899 and 1908 by the austrian architect Joseph Maria Olbrich at the behest of Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig. This art is called Jugendstil. Many artists came here to showcase their works.
Since 1961, the town investetd 15 billion euros for restoration of this nice place. The city Darmstadt would become world cutural heritage some day.

Wow.. it looks fantastic, covered with this warm autumnally light.


There are also many skultures to inspect

hello little kitty.. meow!  :p

Where am i? Can you find me?

Theese trees look very crazy


We played a bit in this funny branches

And then it was time to go back home. Bye bye russian chapel.

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at home, Germany - 27th November 2011

By: Eustachia

Hello everybody  :)

I wish all of you a merry 1. Advent!

This weekend we spent a lot of time with decorating for christmas time. Now the bath looks very cold and blue, but Cosyfuzz already told you  ;)

So let me show you all the other nice decorations we've done...

This is number one of the Advent calendars


And here is number two. This one is for Eustachias boyfriend.. 24 packets with a lot of goodies. He was so happy, when he saw it. But pssst, i cannot tell you what's inside.. maybe he is reading my travelog  ;)


In the corridor we have a shining tree, right beside the first advent calendar.


I really love these two guys. They dip the living room into a comfortable and warmly light. And they do look very very cute  :D

This is our Advent wreath... heyy, Pink_Bear, what are you doing there?


Hahaha, he is a very funny but also cheeky guy. But i really like him. He became a very good friend of mine in just a few days.  :)

Now i wanna wish you a nice evening and a good night.

Next week i will travel to fam_united. Woohooo! I'm really looking forward to this!

See you soon
Eloy  :D

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Münster (NRW), Germany - 29th November 2011

By: Eustachia

Hello there  :)

Today we started a journey with my mommy Eustachia.
So we packed our things and started to travel to Münster in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Let's go!

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-ZCFLSJniiDw/TteeZS-45YI/AAAAAAAAAXE/DmXEGHwHDsc/s300/2011-11-29%25252010.40.48.jpg https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-Gt6Vqs378ZU/TteeZlPrqxI/AAAAAAAAAXM/Wn1TzhY-8E4/s300/2011-11-29%25252010.41.10.jpg

Our first stop was the zoo in Münster. Next door to the zoo is the museum for natural history, but we hadn't enough time to visit it.


So we decided to storm the zoo  :D


Inside was a very tall frog. He was very friendly and told us were to go first..


We started at the grey seals. At 10:30 am they had there training. It was very funny to see what kind of stunts they do. Next stop was at the penguin basin, but Cosyfuzz would like to tell you more about them.

Here you can see some birds of the North Sea coast..


These Pygmy Marmoset (some sort of apes) are so fast.. you can't take a good picture of them...


..in contrast to these guys, called Colobus Guereza. Hahaha, they are sooo lazy.. They fall asleep while sitting there  :D


Now we can watch my special friends.. the lions  :)
Maybe you think.. poor ones.. sitting in this little enclosure. But they have the chance to go outside, if they want to  ;)
Hmm.. i think, they won't. They do look very relaxed!


Time for a group photograph! In the background you can see some ostrichs and  buffalos or something similar  :p


Yummy! There are zebras... Time for lunch! *smack*
Hahaha, noo i'm just kidding!


I think all of you know what this is


Waaah look at this cute little Iranian Leopard. He was born on 18th May 2011.


There in the background you can see a Siberian Tiger... Theeeereeee.. Look!


Okay, okay, it was way too far away. This one is closer ;)


He is sooo beautiful!


Another group photograph!  :D


Here we're sitting on a horse riding simulator. Hahaha, that was fun!


Before we had to go, we watched some fishes..
This one is called Lionfish. Amazing!


And this prickly guy is called bearded dragon. Hmm.. yes, good name for this one. He really looks like a bearded dragon  :p


That was my visit in the Zoo Münster. We had much fun, but now it was time to drive on...

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Altenberge (NRW), Germany - 29th November 2011

By: Eustachia

My mommy had a buisness meeting in Altenberge, so i slept a bit in the car. The sun was shining, so it wasn't too cold.

When she came back, we journeyd on to Enschede.. again  :p

Woohooo! :D

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Enschede, Netherlands - 29th November 2011

By: Eustachia

Hello Enschede!

I'm back again  :rolleyes:
We travelled to Enschede for another shopping tour. The goodies we bought last time were sooo good, that we needed more. Hahaha  :p

It is only 40 minutes by car from Altenberge to Enschede, so we jumped at the chance to buy some more  B)

Cosyfuzz and Pink_Bear would love to tell you more about our shopping  ;)

At the end we took a round at this carousel. That was cool!


Now it's time for us to go to the Hotel..

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Weseke, Borken (NRW), Germany - 29th November 2011

By: Eustachia

In Enschede we meet a new friend. She's a cute owl and her name is Uilina. We asked her to come with us and so she did it  :D

At the hotel we talked a bit, to get to know her. She is so nice.


We were sooo hungry... time for dinner! Sushiiii! Woohooo!


Uilina doesn't like Sushi, so only Cosyfuzz, Pink_Bear and me ate this delicious sushi  ;)


That was a great day! We found a new friend and she wants to become a toyvoyager. We saw many friendly animals at the zoo and we travelled to the Netherlands for some shopping. Now i'm tired.

Good night
Eloy  :)

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Weseke, Borken (NRW), Germany - 30th November 2011

By: Eustachia

Good morning everybody *yaaaawn*

Today i woke up early in the morning.. the sun begins to rise.


Thats the hotel


We started the day with a short visit to the St. Ludgerus Church in Weseke. That was funny, because while we're taking this foto, the church bells starts to chime...


After this short sightseeing, we continued our roadtrip to Siegburg, also located in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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