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Travelog for: Francis

@ home, Nienburg, Germany - 9th November 2011

By: Kaylie

Hello Daddy,

i arrived at my new host and i really like it.
I´ve found three new friends, a real cat called Moe, a doctor giraffe and - daddy i can´t believe it - an elephant, his name is Russel and he´s the toyvoyager of my hosts mummy :-)
we have already taken pics und we´ll upload them as soon as we can.
i hope you don´t feel too lonley without me.
thank you for sendig me areound the world.


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@ home, Nienburg, Germany - 9th November 2011

By: Kaylie

hey daddy,

here we are with some pictures.
you can see my arrival, how i crwled out of my envelope udn while i´m ridig on doctor giraffe.  and you can see me hiding from moe the cat, cause i thought he want´s to eat me.
but he didn´t, he´s areally nice guy :-)


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everywhere :-) , Germany - 10th November 2011

By: Kaylie

Hey Daddy, today was a really long day.
i climbed up on a big stone, wich is called "Findling" i had a great view from there :-)

after that we went to the "Moor" and daddy i promise you it looks so scary. but i climbed up on a dead tree and my host mummy saved me from falling down  :rolleyes:

i saw a great chruch and it it so big, you can see me on the photo with the church. i love churches.
then we went to wunstorf a city near hannover. i´ve visited the trainstation and took some pics. i bought my own train ticket and travelled to the hometown of my host mummys boyfriend. they gave me my own seat in the train... so cool.
now i´ve found a new friend there, his name is mojo and he is a jack russel, very nice guy, he was kuddling with me  :D
on our way back home we´ve seen a very old phone booth wich is getting always new decorated by the women of the town. it was already on tv.
when we where home we welcomed a new TV, he is a pink dog and called Klaus-Baerbel, freaky name for a dog.
so that was my day, hope you like my pics.

oh and i forgot... we went to mc donalds and i had my own cheeseburger... yummy
yours Francis


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Nienburg, Germany - 11th November 2011

By: Kaylie

Hello daddy,
i was a bad boy today... take a look ;-)

me an Klaus-Baerbel wanted to steal some clothes for our bank raid but they where to big :( pour me

after that we went to the bank to raid it

the police catched us and he had to go to the police academy

pour me... we came in the jail :(

but our host mummy rescued us from there, we are so lucky to be in this host

and on our way back home my host mummy allowed me to use the car shift

that´s it for today... we will hear soon. i miss you :)


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@ home, Germany - 12th November 2011

By: Kaylie

Hey Daddy,
today was a lazy day. we just had a small walk in the eveneing to the floodgate. It is something for boats but i don´t understand what they are doing there  :( and it was already dark when we passed there.
after that we walked to the "Spargelbrunnen" in Nienburg, the inhabitans love it. the Nienburger asparagus is very famous in germany, you should try it :)
after that i was cuddeling with moe the fat cat.
i think i´ll do more tomorrow.
hope you are fine.



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Nienburg, Germany - 15th November 2011

By: Kaylie

Hey Daddy,
today we went to Nienburg City and visited the St. Martins Church.

this is me and Klaus-Bärbel und front of a cross with jesus. i know you can´t see us that good but we had to use the flashlight


i like the wallpictures in churches :)

here we are in front of the robe

we´ve lighted a candle and made a wish but i can´t tell you my wish cause my host mummy told me that it won´t come true if i´d tell it someone

i think it is something like a casekt but we are not sure ^^


me and the statues :)

daddy i hope you like my pictures and dont feel too lonley without me.


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Nienburg, Jail, Germany - 15th November 2011

By: Kaylie

It´s me again :-)
I´ve found the pictures of me in front of the Jail in Nienburg. The wall is all over with graffitties and i really think they look very cool.
look at this.

greetings from Landesbergen


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Stolzenau, Playground, Germany - 18th November 2011

By: Kaylie

Hey Daddy,

today in the evening we went to the ployground with my host mummys nephew. ist was really fun. look at the pics  :D

first i climbed up on a tree and hide myself ^^

afdtrer that me and Klaus-Bärbel played on the playground.he was bit afraid but i told him i would take care :)

and after all that... we had the biggest icecream on earth  :D


so daddy we will hear in a few days.


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Porta Westfalica, NRW, Germany - 21st November 2011

By: Kaylie

Hey Daddy,

today we have visited Porta Westfalica, that´s a city in Nordrhein Westfalen.
We went to the Kaiser- Wilhelm-Denkmal [url=null]http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaiser-Wilhelm-Denkmal_an_der_Porta_Westfalica[/url] an took some great pictures. me and KLaus-Bärbel had a lot fun by the sight seeing and climbing :-) i hope you like óur pics. talk to you soon.

love Francis


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Hong Kong , China - 8th January 2012

By: Viech

Good morning everybody, it's ME, Francis

I am finally in HONG KONG.
It is so exciting: The sun goes down just this moment and in Germany and Austria the time is only about 11.00 AM in the morning. I am a little bit tired from my long trip to Hong Kong, but so is my new host. She just arrived back from Germany also.
I met Herr Baer and Glupsch already, they seem to be nice. They were very pleased that Kaylie had given me some chocolate provisions which I shared with them right away. I think I am very close to completing one of my Life missions!!! Will update soonest. Now we are going out for Dinner.
Talk to you soon, Love FRANCIS

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Hong Kong , China - 8th January 2012

By: Viech

My new Friends & me in Hong Kong


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Hong Kong , China - 14th January 2012

By: Viech

Hi Daddy,
Miss you a bit... but I am not too homesick, just a tiny little .... But everybody is nice to me. :)
Today, we drove into town for a Saturday Lunch at the Korean Hot Pot. The weather is very cold, at least for Hong Kong, so Herr Baer  lent me his real cool Pilot Jacket. I had to give it back  after I came back home but can borrow it again another time.

Guess what, here in Hong Kong, we still have 'last year'..
I mean, they are preparing for Chinese New Year everywhere. It will be celebrated next week. The next year belongs to a dragon, while last year there was a Tiger the boss. Strange people here.

Today I met Harald, a nice Pilot from Dragon Air and he invited me to go with him to Shanghai and Taipei in two weeks. I will travel in the Cockpit. Isn't that great?
But first i will go to Penang with Herr Baer and Glupsch and my hosts. I don't know where that is, but they say it is warm and sunny and there is a great beach to play on.
You see Simon, I am going to have a lot of adventures and fun here.
By the way, as soon as there is photo-weather again, I will go to the Bank of China and get my PICTURE TAKEN... FINALLY.
Big Hugs from Hong Kong,


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Hong Kong , China - 14th January 2012

By: Viech

Dear Daddy,
I am trying hard to get the pic's updated more professionally...
Next time will be better.
Sleep well, (it is already 10 minutes to 10 in the evening) I need to go to sleep now.
Hug you again, Francis ;)

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Hong Kong, China - 18th January 2012

By: Viech

Hi Daddy,
here is my outfit. I think I am really a show!
Cheers, Francis

Herr Baer und Francis.jpg

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Hong Kong, China - 18th January 2012

By: Viech

Hi Daddy
Just a quick one: If I am lucky, my new friend Harald, the Pilot, will take me to Taiwan today.... I might even be allowed into the Cockpit! I am so exited. Herr Baer was so nice to give me his Pilotjacket again and guess what: He even shared his Pocketmoney with me. I have a bag from Paul Pieks (I don't even know this toy) and 1 Taler for my Travel.
Tell you all about my adventure afterwards.

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