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Travelog for: SammyFire

Bonn, Germany - 5th November 2011

By: billalein

I'm still at home. But i'm going to travel through the World. :D

But first, i'll show you some Places of my hometown.

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Bonn, Germany - 6th November 2011

By: billalein

So, i'm on my owner's occupation. It was quite dangerous, because a great beast of prey was very interesting in me.
But a youth-firefigter bear is a cool bear an so i can introduce you the Malinois Benny.

It was very exciting for me...
See you soon....



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Bonn, Germany - 7th November 2011

By: billalein


Today i visit a firebrigade in my town.
It was very nice, because i sitting in a firetruck, working with a pump and i met "Sam, the fireman" and his friend "Playmo Bill"!
It was a great day!!!
See you soon...



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Rheinbach, Germany - 24th November 2011

By: billalein

Today i travel to Rheinbach, near Bonn because my Dad visit some Friends.

It's the first time i've seen a Prison. There were some strange Things i never seen before....


The Prison in the back of me..


What's that???


A mystic thing..... :o

Now i'm at home again.... and i'm glad!!!

See you,

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Öhringen, Germany - 6th December 2011

By: Zandy


I arrived in Öhringen! So great! And I found allready new friends. So great! But first I will tell you about my arrivel here.

Somebody opened the envelope and I look outside. I saw this three guyes.


A little bit later I recognized that there is another envelope next to me, another arriver. We both climbed out and we get such a very warm welcome from the others.


All of them are ToyVoyagers, too. So great to meet some of TVs like me on my first journey. We talked a little bit.


And than I get in Contact with Paddington. Look, the is a bear like me and he had also a red head. And daddy maybe I could help him to fullfill one of his lifemissions. So great. But we will see :-)


And now we all are sitting together, eating some sweets and talking.


So, that's all for the moment daddy.
Good night!

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Öhringen, Germany - 11th December 2011

By: Zandy

Hello daddy!

Sorry that I didn't write for so long. But now I will tell you what we did last but not one sunday.

The others told us, that there is a Tower which we will visit today. And so we go to the market place where the christmas market is. But first we go into the castle. There was an exhibition about the history of Öhringen. Sadly we wasn't allowed to take pictures inside. But in one room we fastly take this pictures while no supervisory staff was there. *hrhr*



Back on the market place we decided to eat something before we go upstairs.


Here you can see me with the real Tower. High...


And than inside the tower with a model of it.


Me next to a model of the Blasturm. Here it is so little. But really the tower is 56,16 meters high. And it was built in 1494. But we only could climbed up to 32 meters. In the tower are seven stories and the truss. And the rooms inside were two archives, a musician room, the "Verschlooch" (a crate in the Hohenlohisch slang. It was the bedroom for the helper of the steeplejack) and the apartment of the steeplejack. And of course the tower gallery on which we could go outside.

So enough facts daddy. In the room there were hanging this old lamps. Look some of them is fire red.  ;) Sadly there was no one in my size... ;)


Than in one floor we found this clock.


And than.... 32 meters over the market place we were able to go outside. What a feeling and what a view.


Of course we had a look down on the christmas market. Wow, not too long.


Daddy, can you see the little railway under me? This railyway is a tradition. It is every year on the market place. And the children can ride on it.


There we found this bell. It rings very loud. While I was looking at it it rings. My dear!


We also had a look on the atrium of the church from above.


And that it was time to go back down. The first steps were very easy. Nice wooden stairs and enought place. But than we must climb some tight stoned stairs. Puuuhhh...
Here you can see me and my friends with the wooden ones. On the stoned we had no chance to tae a picture.


Oh we found this cklock while going down. Nice because you ccan see the machanism inside.


While some people went upstairs on the stoned stairs we wait on a jutty and found one of the archives. It was really luck.


Back down we TVs decided to had a refreshment. And Zandy suggest us the "Rosenküchle" (rose cakes/cookies). The name cames therefrom they look like roses.


On our way back home we passed the little animasl zoo in Öhringen and so we had a look. And really some of the animales were outside. Look me in dangour with a goat. Hehe not really danger. The goat was only snoopy.  :D


And that was it. Hope you enjoy to read about my day daddy.


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Öhringen, Germany - 20th December 2011

By: Zandy

Daddy! Look what we saw when we wake up!


SNOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW! The first snow this winter.  Juhu! So great! But sadly we can't go outside because Zandy must go to work now and she will come back very late. But maybe tomorrow we had the chance. *hope*

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Öhringen, Germany - 24th December 2011

By: Zandy


Hey Daddy!

First I will wish you and all the others a merry Christmas.
Sadly we had no snow here. But we made a little bit snow. It was fun and I could dream. :-) Please klick on the picture below  ;)


And than we helped Zandy and her parents a to prepair the christmas meal. Zandy's parents are from Poland and so they had traditional meal from there. They always eat fish (normally carp) and cabbage with peas and they eat potates.


For dessert they eat "Makufka". This is poppy cooked with milk and than you give sugar, raisin and bap (or rusk) in it. First we all were a little skeptic and look in the big bowl with the Makufka.


And than we taste a little. And it tastes really good. I didn't belive. But it is so.  :D


Oh and they always drink strawberrycompot.


Than all was prepaired and we eat. After eating we went to the christmastree and look, there where presents for us. Soooooooooooo cool.


I found my present. What it could be? A big candy?


WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Daddy!!!! Can you see it? Soooooooooooo coooooooooool! Now I have my own fire engine! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!  B)


We made a grouppicture after me and my friends have unpacked the presents.  :D


So daddy, now it's time to go to bed.
I wish you a good night!
Love yours

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Neuenstadt a. K., Germany - 25th December 2011

By: Zandy

Hi daddy!

Today Zandy and her boyfriend leave us aloen at home, because there were invited to his family. So me and my friends relax and played a lot.

When Zandy and her boyfriend came home their look was really funny. They saw us in the christmas tree.


I'm a really nice Santa-bear, or?  ;)


Love yours,

P.S. Zandy told me that they have a surprise for me tomorrow. What will it be?  :o

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Neuenstadt a. K., Germany - 26th December 2011

By: Zandy

Hi Daddy

today my Friends supriesed me, we visited a Club, where they collect old Fireengines. Zandys Boyfriend showed us those old Trucks and also a lot of Equipment.

We arriverd at the Location. The Sight from the Parking Ground is great. A very beautiful Landscape.


Zandys Boyfriend opened a big Door and then we saw the Fire Trucks. We are all exited to this, but i think, i was the most exited one. The Trucks where big, and red, and beautiful. We all sit on the Bumper from a Magirus-Deuts Jupiter. 6X6 and 178 Horsepowers. It is a FLKFZ 3800/400. In the Past it ran by the German Army and was build in 1964.



I climbed into the Cabin of these Fire Truck and sit on top of the Radio. "puhh" that was exertive"


This Truck have a very big Steeringwheel and Shifthandle. It is a very rough driving.



"Alarm!!!!!!!!!!" hurry up, we have to go for a Fire. Me was driving the other TVs to the Place where the Fire was burning.



At first we have to stop the Traffic on the Street. For this we use a Stoppanel. We have to hold it all, because the Wind was very strong at this day. If only one of us hold the Stoppanel this Tv will fly away.


Then we arranged our things we need to extinguish the Fire. In these Truck there are many many interressting Things. We needed Hoses, Pipes, distributos, Pumps, and many many more Parts. We also find a Sparetyre in the Truck. I hope this one we dont need.




We extinguish the fire with the Watercanon on the Roof of the Truck. Its hard to operate, but very funny. The Water shoot 50 meters. You can harvesting Appels when they hanging on a Tree.




You see me in front of the rotary Beacon?


You find me here? I think so, because we mark the position where i sit on the Truck.



"OK, the Exercise is over, very goog job, everyone"
I hope you are not worried Daddy, it was just an exercise. Not dangerous. Zandys Boyfriend sayed, we all have done a very good Job. He asked us, if we want to join the Firefighters. Maybe I do. After the exercise, we toke a Groupicture.


We saw also other old Firetrucks. Here you see a Magirus DL30 Ladder.



And a big Crane. It is a KW 16. This truck have a 12 Cylinder Engine. Very strong, but very loud.



After that we found a very old Waterpump. This was build in 1857. Very nice. We searching for the Engine, but we couldnt find it. If you want to move this Carriage, you need Horses or many other Tv´s


Hmm, i waiting for the other TVs. But nobody comes. If they know, that i wnat to move the Carriage?.


We found also a lot of stuff you need if you work as a Firefighter.


This Mask you need if you go into a burning House wich is full of Smoke. If you wear this on, your Voice sounds funny, like Darth Vader: I am your Father, Luke.

Here are the Bottels for the Air that you breath.


We just have a look in the Store. There we found old Ladders and hoses.




Now is Time to go. We have to prepare for Lunch. We are invited by Zandys Parents. We all enjoyed the time with these old Fire Trucks. It was very interesting and Funny. I was very happy about the Trip and I enjoed this Day very much.

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Heilbronn, Germany - 27th December 2011

By: Zandy

Hey daddy!

After my really great surprise yesterday Zandy had a new one today. (She is really a great surpriseing-women  :D) We went to the theatre today. But not a normal theatre, it was a theatre-boat. Yes, you read right a ship on with they play theatre. But not this ig ones.


Therefore we must drove to Heilbronn, about 30 kilometres away from Zandys home. Here you can see me in front, or better behind - the theatre-ship.


And here are my friends and I in front on the "Neckar-Turm".


And at once in front of the theatre-boat. Behind us you can see a hotel, a famous one in Heilbronn.


Than it was time to go inside the boat. An look we met this nice guy. He was really funny. I never saw such a relaxing guy before.


At the break we had a look outside the bull's-eye. It was very difficult to take a picture outside.


Oh an daddy, look at our funny seats. There are from melted palstic. A funny idea. And they are more comfortable than they look.


After the show we walked back to the car and take this picture, now in front of the theatre-ship.


And we met this really nice women. It's the "Käthchen from Heilbronn"


So bye daddy!

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Neuenstadt a. K., Germany - 1st January 2012

By: Zandy

Happy new year, daddy!

I have a bad info for you: Our pictures from yesterday night are away.  :( The card from the camera is broken and with it all teh nice pictures. So there are no one from our new years eve party. But by sure, we had a lot of fun.

Today we take a little walk around Zandys boyfriend hometown. Here you can see me in front of the open air theatre.



Zandy told me, that she likes to go there when it's season. But of course at the winter months they are no playes. But I think it's a nice location. An before you can go inside the theatre you must pass the Lidenplatz.


That's all from our 1st January day. Bye bye daddy.

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Öhringen, Germany - 4th January 2012

By: Zandy

Today we welcomed a new TV at Zandys home.


It's an Icebear. Now we are three bears and a giraffe (the others leave us on monday). But don't worry, we all are lovely.  ;)


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Neuenstadt a. K., Germany - 6th January 2012

By: Zandy

Hey daddy! Brrrrrrr we are really wet. Ok, not we, Zandy and her boyfriends. We hide us in Zandys bag.  :p
Today we had a little geocaching round together. And look what for a lovely cache we found.


It's a new one, only five days old and really lovely. I hope this one will not go broken. And on our way we passed this ruin of the old "Helmbund church".

Can you find me?  ;)


Hehe... here I am.


So now it's time to drink a hot tea and warm up.
Love yours,

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Öhringen, Germany - 8th January 2012

By: Zandy

Hey daddy,

today we visited the "Golberg" in Öhringen. Zandy told us, that when she was a child she visitied this place really often. But now she wasn't here for years.



We only had this tweo pictures, because after this it began to rain and so we couldn't take more pictures. What a pitty!

Bye bye!

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