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Travelog for: Stoker

München, Germany - 27th March 2012

By: Pandamao

After Marienplatz I continued my walk to see the opera house, the king's residence (I rubbed the lion's nose at the front gate - it is said to bring luck) and opposite of the residence I took a look at Theatiner church.


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München, Germany - 27th March 2012

By: Pandamao

Some of the houses are really nice - this one has a beautiful facade.


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München, Germany - 1st April 2012

By: Pandamao

Before leaving Munich I am doing a one day trip to the North-East of Bavaria. I am going by train so I easily watch the landscape passing by.


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Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany - 1st April 2012

By: Pandamao

I took a walk in the park with view of the "skyline" of Sulzbach-Rosenberg.


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Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany - 1st April 2012

By: Pandamao

In this part of Germany it is a tradition to decorate the fountains with colorful eggs, very often hand-painted. I visited the "Easter fountain". I liked it a lot.


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München, Germany - 2nd April 2012

By: Pandamao

It's time to leave so I did some maintenance work on my travel box. Tomorrow I'll continue my trip with the German post to Bruchsal.


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Bruchsal, Germany - 4th April 2012

By: fam-united

Today I arrived at my new host's place. I'm curious to get to know all the other toyvoyagers at her place and of course to get to know more about Bruchsal and Baden-Württemberg.

Bye, Stoker

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Bruchsal, Germany - 8th April 2012

By: fam-united

Happy Easter to you!

Today we were invited at my host parents' place to celebrate Easter together.

At first we had lunch.


We ate bone marrow dumplings soup with unripe spelt grains. I loved it.


At next there was a tasty salad with croutons.


I nearly had been full, but I also tried some pieces af the main part.


After this tasty lunch we went for a short one hour walk into the wood, which is close to their home. It's nice to see the lightgreen spring trees.




I asked Princess Sarah to carry me for a while and she did.



At their home again we had coffee and cakes. As it was also my host mum's birthday we had a birthday cake.




Princess Sarah and I shared a Bienenstich.


Then we went into the garden in the backyard and searched for some Easter eggs and found an Easter bunny.


I love the tulips there


and the daisies, too.


While we were outside the house, the Easter bunny must have been inside, because we found the Easter eggs there later.



That's it for today. I will write again

Bye, Stoker

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Bruchsal, Germany - 13th April 2012

By: fam-united

Today we went on a walk through the streets of Bruchsal. We started near a new fashion house called Jost.


I found some nice cards and thought about buying one, but I had no money with me.


German Asparagus is famous and so is Asparagus from Bruchsal. I hope to eat some before I go on with my journey.


Here's the marketplace and the old city hall right in front of me. It is the heart of the pedestrian zone, but also home to the twice weekly market, that takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


This is the so called Stadtkirche, town church, "Of Our Beloved Lady" stand on the foundations of a church first documented in 1268. Construction of the choir began in 1447 as evidenced by the inscriptions still visible on its outer walls. As the building was destroyed many times, the interior is now spartan. However, the 15th Century statue of the Madonna is worthy of note.


Next to the church we walked through a labyrinth.


There also is this shelf next to the church, where you can take a book with you to read it and maybe bring other books, which you already read, so that other people can read it too.


We walked around the church and faced the red entrance of the savings bank.


On the other side of the church entrance we found this board, where we could read a bit about the church. On the large photo you see the church side next to the marketplace and the fountain.



You still see nice windows in the church


Here we are at the fountain, which I mentioned above.


Our way let us to the Bürgerpark, civic park. We walked between the houses with number 3 and 10. Number 10 is the library of Bruchsal.


The building on the left is the library on the right the civic center and you see the tower keep of the old castle.


We read the board again. The Castle Keep is 38metre tall and was bult in 1358 as the defensive tower of the old castle. Its outer walls are over three metres thick and it is the town's oldest surviving building. Today the keep affords excellent views over the town and surrounding countryside.



The left building is the civic centre. The grounds of the current Bürgerzentrum (civic centre) were previously the site of the prison and a women's penal institution was also located in nearby Huttenstraße. 18 political prisoners from the Baden Revolution were also freed from these two prisons.


The Bürgerpark (civic park) was built at the end of the 1980s in connection with the construction of the civic centre, which is home to the town theatre. Today the Bürgerzentrum and Bürgerpark host a wide range of cultural and social events.



These following two memorials remind of the victims of National Socialism.




We found another board where we read about the Bürgerpark and we've seen another memorial as a plea for understanding between nations.



Now we are at the end of the Bürgerpark and see the "Big Crossing" which leads over the river called Salbach. The building on the right is the city hall.



Now we are close to my host's home again. We saw some nice houses there. 80 % of the old houses were destroyed during World War II.




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Bad Wildbad, Germany - 18th April 2012

By: fam-united

Today I joined my host and drove with her to Bad Wildbad, where she joined a training for new ways at her school. I took a look out of the window and then rested in her bed together with the new toyvoyager guest Amie.




After the training Petra visited the Palais Thermal and then came back. We both still slept in her bed.


But then it was dark enough to go out on my own and I sneaked out of the balcony door.





Petra had no chance to take more photos during the night, because she was too tired and too slow to catch me. I had a great night out.

Greetings, Stoker

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Bad Wildbad, Germany - 19th April 2012

By: fam-united

The next day I asked her to go to the inner city with me and show me the town. I think, it is a really mixed sort of houses, which you can see here. Some houses are really nice and old, but there are also some grey, liveless buildings - if you know, what I mean.
You surely see the tent roof in the middle of the photo. It belongs to the terrace of the Palais Thermal.


There is a sort of pedestrian zone, although there still drive cars and the tram.


The river Enz flows through Bad Wildbad. It is situated 420 m above sea level, in the romantic pine-clad gorge of the Enz, a tributary of the Neckar in the Black Forest, 45 km west of Stuttgart and 23 east of Baden-Baden by rail. It covers a vertical difference of about 300 m.

It is historically a popular medicinal spa.


There are many narrow streets and houses.





Here we are in front ot the Palais Thermal.


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Bad Wildbad, Germany - 20th April 2012

By: fam-united

This morning we walked to the town again to get some money. I said goodbye to the river Enz.



The big houses you can see belong to the Landesakademie. That's where we stayed during the last two and a half days.


Here's the old Kurhaus.



I have to say goodbye to Bad Wildbad. It is a nice town, but I'm happy to go back to Bruchsal again.

Bye, Stoker

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Bruchsal, Germany - 20th April 2012

By: fam-united

So we are back again in Bruchsal, the weather got worse. It rained heavily in the afternoon and we were happy to stay inside the house, but of course we took a look at the wonderful rainbow.




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Bruchsal, Germany - 22nd April 2012

By: fam-united

Finally I found time to read these two pages of two different newspapers of the week. The one is about Bruchsal asparagus. Bruchsal is famous for its asparagus fields and auctions.


The other newspaper page is about the baroque palace of Bruchsal. I think, you have a good view to many different parts of the main building with the church tower, but still many houses are missing.


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Bruchsal, Germany - 22nd April 2012

By: fam-united

We have typical April weather in Bruchsal. There is sunshine and the next moment there is hail and thunder and rain.






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