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Travelog for: Dolivia

Neuss, Germany - 13th November 2011

By: Dolivia

I am chemist's shops TV. I am day and night at the chemist's and would please me sometimes to see other towns and/or chemist's shops. I am for every Host are closed no matter whether the chemist's shops owner is or not.

Best regards your Dolivia

Klick me


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Neumünster, Germany - 6th December 2011

By: HSV Maskottchen

Dear friends,
now I´m arrived in Neumünster where my new friend Krabby waited for me. The other host Hermann is on his way to Austria, so I can't meet him for this moment!
It´s very nice here, I´m glad to get out of this dark box and see more of Neumünster! And what should I say? Yesterday in the evening when my new host got me from the post office it started to snow a lot!
Now the whole city is white and we try to make some nice picures, especially at a pharmacy. My new host Anja wants to take me to her work at a ticket shop and the tourist-information of Neumünster. I think it´s the best start for me!
Be sure, that I´m happy here! You´re in my heart, Dolivia


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Touristinformation Neumünster, Germany - 8th December 2011

By: HSV Maskottchen

I´ve had my first round in Neumünster. It was very interesting to see Anjas work. After the whole day sitting in here office we made a visit at the "City Apotheke" where the owner allowed us to take some pics. Here they are!
In the next days I want to escort Anja to all the daily things she has to do. Maybe her son Tom-Robinson would take me with his bike for a ride, but in this moment the weather is very ugly. We´ve got a lot of rain and its very windy.
Anja & Tom-Robinson got two very nice cats. I´m very curious to take photos with them, but here the first ones in Neumünsters city.
Deat "Oberhofer", it´s very nice here, but I think I miss you very much....till soon, yours Dolivia


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Christmas tree, Germany - 24th December 2011

By: HSV Maskottchen

Hi everybody,
these are my last updates in Neumünster, because there´s a new host who wants to give me a chance to see some new things. But first of all I want to show you the latest pics here at Anjas home and surrounding it.


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Living room at Anjas home, Neumünster - 28th December 2011

By: HSV Maskottchen

Here is the home of real football fans! The Christmas tree, the childrens room, the car, the kitchen........everythings is full of stuff from the "Hamburger SV", Anjas and Toms favourite team. But it was very funny to sit as a green TV in a blue tree......


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Neumünster, Germany - 28th December 2011

By: HSV Maskottchen

Here are some pictures with the 2 cats of Anjas family. It was possible to ride the cat called "Gutschie" and to sit near by the very shy cat "Cindy". The looked very stranged, because they never saw a green TV before. So you can see, that I did my homework!


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Car in Neumünster, Germany - 28th December 2011

By: HSV Maskottchen

My next homework is done. I sat in Anjas car, which is (for everybody in Neumünster) a football fan car....as you can see the sign in front of which means, that everybody has to shut up and be quiet when Anja drive the car (of course its a little joke in the nort-german slang called "plattdüütsch").


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Train station in Neumünster, Germany - 28th December 2011

By: HSV Maskottchen

These are the last pics, I put into the diary. Anja took me with to the train station where she waited for her son Tom. He was over the Christmas days at his grandparents and took his first trip alone and for himself from Hamburg to Neumünster.
I want to say thank you for all the things I visited here. It was very exciting and new for me to see some other things rhan chemist shops. But very often I missed my home. Now I´m very curious about the next station in Bad Lippspringe.
Send you lots of love and many hugs! Yours Dolivia


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Bad Lippspringe, Germany - 31st December 2011

By: meckdaniels

Hallo parents,
yesterday I arrived at Bad Lippspringe. I had almost eaten my whole provisions, but I could give some chocolate and a postcard  from Neumünster  to my new host. We met another toyvoyager,Biba from Kiew,Ukraine. Our hosts know each other very well. Celebrating this we went to a Carribean bar. The cook of the bar wanted to make me part of a salad, but I could escape to the top of a barrel. To calm down, I drank some cocktails.After that  Biba and I had a lot of fun.
This evening we will go to a New Year's Eve. I will tell you the details tomorrow...
Bye my parents
yours Dolivia

Dolivia 1 009.JPG
Dolivia 1 008.JPG
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Bad Lippspringe, Germany - 1st January 2012

By: meckdaniels

Happy new year,dear parents,
I hope you had such an amazing New Year's Eve like I had. Biba and I went with our hosts to a party  in Paderborn. At first we had to watch the New Year's speech of the German chancellor and , of course, "dinner for one". We were laughing the whole time. after our dinner we got Chinese lucky cookies with an written aphorism inside. At midnight there was a wonderful fireworks and we are allowed to light sparklers to greet the new year. For having luck in 2012, Biba and I got a lucky four-leaf clover. Finishing this fantastic evenig we drank one or two glasses sparkling wine together.
Bye,bye yours Dolivia

Dolivia 2 004.JPG
Dolivia 2 002.JPG
Dolivia 2 005.JPG
Dolivia 2 012.JPG
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Dolivia 2 013.JPG

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Bad Lippspringe, Germany - 7th January 2012

By: meckdaniels

Dear parents,
though the weather was bad, I had some exciting days.
After some walks in the rain with functional equipment, I amused myself at home.
First I slid down on the banisters about 500 times.
My next adventure was riding a wild wild horse.
As luck would have it, I met a person as green as me.
Yesterday I helped my host with his do-it-your-self kit.
After this work was done, I had a nice conversation with a friendly old man, who told me that hat had worked very hard too in last December and now he went on holidays for eleven months.
yours Dolivia

Dolivia bei Regen 003.JPG
Dolivia bei Regen 004.JPG
Dolivia bei Regen 002.JPG
Dolivia bei Regen 005.JPG
Dolivia bei Regen 006.JPG
Dolivia bei Regen 007.JPG
Dolivia bei Regen 001.JPG

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Bad Lippspringe, Germany - 14th January 2012

By: meckdaniels

Dear parents,
yesterday I visited my host at work. He is the boss of an old people home. I helped him in his office as an telephone oeprator and by answering his mails. While taking a break I made a three-and-a half-somersault between two perforators. After that I helped the caretaker of the old people home doing his dangerous work.  After this strenuous and exciting day we had decided to go on holiday at the northsea for a week together with the  toyvoyagers biba and djedi and with nick a friendly bear we met.
Bye my lovely parents

Dolivia i-phone 008.JPG
Dolivia i-phone 007.JPG
Dolivia i-phone 010.JPG
Dolivia i-phone 017.JPG
Dolivia i-phone 018.JPG
Dolivia i-phone 012.JPG
Dolivia i-phone 021.JPG
Dolivia i-phone 020.JPG
Dolivia i-phone 009.JPG

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Waddewarden, Germany - 14th January 2012

By: meckdaniels

Hello my dear parents,
today we started our trip to Waddewarden, a little village near from Wilhelmshaven. We had the job to navigate our hosts successful on their way to the north sea.
When we arrived and wanted to unpack our package, we had a great surprise. Djedi an other toyvoyager had travelled with us as an stowaway. Because he was very gently, we became friends very quickly.
After this exciting day we were very tired and went satisfied to bed.
Yours Dolivia

toyvoyagers Waddewarden 002.JPG
toyvoyagers Waddewarden 003.JPG
toyvoyagers Waddewarden 051.JPG
toyvoyagers Waddewarden 052.JPG
toyvoyagers Waddewarden 053.JPG
toyvoyagers Waddewarden 005.JPG

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Waddewarden, Germany - 15th January 2012

By: meckdaniels

Dear parents,
When we awaked, we went to the beach to see the north sea, but..
There was no water. We had to speak with the travelguide !
Yours Dolivia

toyvoyagers Waddewarden 007.JPG
toyvoyagers Waddewarden 008.JPG

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Hooksiel, Germany - 16th January 2012

By: meckdaniels

Dear parents,
today I visited Hooksiel, a very nice village with a little harbour near waddewarden.We met a big seal and I entered a cutter; I felt like my host's toyvoyager Störte the pirate bear.
Ahoi Dolivia

toyvoyagers Waddewarden 040.JPG
toyvoyagers Waddewarden 043.JPG

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