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Bergisches Land, Germany - 8th January 2012

By: WeddingProposal

Hi! My name is LoverBear and i am on a love mission. Normaly i live together with Joerg and Jessica at the Country of Berg (Bergisches Land) with the cities Remscheid, Wuppertal and Solingen in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. Joerg and Jessica are a couple for 15 years now and the are really in love. It would be great if these both will be marry now.

My size is 20 cm (reducible on 15 cm by turning the legs) and my weight is 34 gram.

I come together with a sign with the words "Dear Jessica! Joerg loves you! Please marry him!"

Furthermore there will be a wedding card at LoverBear for all the nice people who will host me. Please sign them all for whishing Joerg and Jessica all the best for the future!

It would be great if i could ask Jessica from all over the world to marry Joerg. Please give me a host and make some photos from me and the sign with your country, your city and towns landmark. The Landmark of Wuppertal for example is the Wuppertal Floating Tram a suspension railway.

Together with the colleagues of Jessica she will get the photos continuous on her desk in her office.

After my long travel it would be great if i could congratulate Joerg and Jessica for marriage and give them all your wishes.

- Travel all over the world and ask Jessica to marry Joerg
- Bringing Jessica and Joerg together to get married
- Coming back at home and submit your wishes to Joerg and Jessica


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Hannover, Germany - 12th January 2012

By: WeddingProposal

Hi! I visited an exhibition called interaspa.

The told me that is a exhibition of bears. But there wasn't any other bear like me. Later i found out that the people don't talk about bears, they talked about bearys. Bearys are fruits. I met different experts of the Chambers of Agriculture and some Asparagus Farmers.

I have had the chance to try some special kinds of jam and juice and i tried to drive a tractor. But it was to big for me.

Very interesting! Now I want to see the wide world. It's time for me to find out more about other countries and start my love mission!


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Bergisches Land, Germany - 13th January 2012

By: WeddingProposal

Now I am ready for take off! I will start my first journey! I am so excited but i am a little bit afraid too.

I don't know how it is to be alone on a long travel and stay at foreign people. Hope that they are nice and friendly.

Let's go!


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Vienna, Austria - 23rd January 2012

By: Muhlikuhli


I arrived safely in Vienna at my hostmom and I wasn't alone, because Klaus-Bärbel, who's also a TV from Germany visits Vienna as well.
A lot of fluffy toys welcomed us and were very nice.
In two weeks we will drive to Carinthia. I'm so excited.

Your LoverBaer

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Altlengbach, Lower Austria - 28th January 2012

By: Muhlikuhli


Yesterday we traveled with the train to the second home from our hostmom in lower austria.
There we got two suprises. The first one is, there are many more fluffy toys as we met last week.
The second suprise was a package from germany.

Who is in the package?


It's Pieksi!!!! Yeah!

We welcomed him and make a big group shot.

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Jenig, Carinthia - 4th February 2012

By: Muhlikuhli


Today we drove to Carinthia and we are such a big group.

We drove 400km with the car and we needed more than 4 hours because the weather wasn't nice.


After we arrived, hostmum taught us how to chrochet. We need warm clothes, because tomorrow we will have -21°C.

Now we're going to bed, because we are so tired. GOOD NIGHT!

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Jenig, Carinthia - 5th February 2012

By: Muhlikuhli


Today we used the gondola to get on the mountain.
Look how nice it is.



During the ski day, hostmum found a beautiful place to fulfill my lovemission. This is the biggest sight in Austria - the Alps.


Afterwards we got a hot chocolate and yummy cake.

In the evening we played UNO. This is so fun.


Kisses Lover Baer

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Jenig, Carinthia - 6th February 2012

By: Muhlikuhli

Good morning,

In the morning snow was falling.

So Pieksi said he wants to play in the austrian snow and we yelled " YEAH!"


Hostmum crafted us skis, so we could start our own ski tour.


In the afternoon, we skied with hostmum. Today it was very funny, because the slopes were full of deep powder snow.


At home we rested on Pancake. He has a special skill.
Hostmum puts him in the microwave for 2 minutes and warms him up. So we can heat up from the cold day.


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Jenig, Carinthia - 8th February 2012

By: Muhlikuhli

Good morning again,

Today we got a yummy breakfast with eggs, sandwiches, orange juice and coffee. Now we are ready for the slope.




On the mountains the weather is so lovely. Look how fine it is, but also very cold.




Yours Lover Baer

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Jenig, Carinthia - 10th February 2012

By: Muhlikuhli


In the morning we helped to get the car ready.

Later we had nice weather again and hostmum looked for beautiful photo places. She finds once more a place for my lovemission. Hope you like it.




Tomorrow we will drive home to Lower Austria and after the weekend we will carry on to vienna.
Hostmum said she will take photos next week in Vienna, if the weather is fine.

Love you,
Lover Baer

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Vienna, Austria - 13th February 2012

By: Muhlikuhli


Today our hostmum visited another hostmum and we met a lot of TVs
She gave us a new TV and Twinky came back home. The new TV named Mr. Flocki is so sweet.


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Vienna, Austria - 17th February 2012

By: Muhlikuhli

Today hostmum and hostdad showed us the Riesenrad.
We used the subway to get there.


When we arrived there, it was very cold and windy - it's February after all.
So our hostparents made a short photo shooting and then we drove home quickly.



Bye Lover Baer

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Vienna, Austria - 19th February 2012

By: Muhlikuhli

Tomorrow hostmum will send me to pandacotta in Switzerland. Pieksi and Klaus-Bärbel will send to Germany and Mr. Flocki remains with our hostmum.
I'm so sad to say good bye. I will miss my new friends and I hope I will see them again.

Bye Lover Baer


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Winterthur, Switzerland - 29th February 2012

By: pandacotta

After travelling for quite some time now I finally reached my destination, Winterthur Switzerland today. I'm excited and can't wait to visit Zurich. But for now I'm tired and want to get some rest :).
Talk to you later


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Winterthur, Switzerland - 20th March 2012

By: pandacotta

Since my host has been sick for quite some time now, I've just been cruising around. Today I found a new friend when Turty arrived. Hopefully I can finally go out and see some new places.
Talk to you soon!

Unfortunately pictures don't want to work directly ("The attachment upload failed. The file you specified may not exist." yeah, sure)... This is why this is an external upload..

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