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Travelog for: Alien Queen

Wegberg, Germany - 20th November 2011

By: miranda98

Hello in the moment im in Germany at home .It's Great here but i would like to see the world so I want to get away here .Do you like to host me :cyclops:x  The roses smell so good :p

IMAG0148 Tv.jpg

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Wegberg, Germany - 20th November 2011

By: miranda98

mhh...delicious German pretzel (Brezel) :p

IMAG0150 Tv 1+2.jpg

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somewhere?, Not sure? - 24th December 2011

By: Leslee

Hello!  I am not sure where I am?  I thought I was going to England but I am somewhere else.
No one here can tell me where I am but it is a nice place and I am very comfortable.

I have sent my tiny baby, Alien Princess to England to continue my journey.

I hope you will like my daughter.

I don't know when I will be able to talk on here again so I will let Alien Princess tell you what she is doing instead.

Lots of love from Alien Queen.

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York, England - 24th December 2011

By: Leslee

Hello!  Here is Alien Princess! She is my daughter.

she came out of this little packet.

Mary and Joseph were just waiting around for their own baby who will be born tomorrow so they were glad to let them share their stable in Leslee's livingroom.


She wants to go on her travels just like her Mum, me!  I think she will have lots of adventures.

Momo here is a ToyVoyager too and he told her that today is Christmas eve!!!
It is going to be Christmas tomorrow.

Momo is going to look after her for a little while.

Everything is new to her!!

Alien Queen
(I will get here to York soon!)

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York, England - 31st December 2011

By: Leslee

Hi it is ME  Alien Queen!!!  I am back.  Sorry, I needed a big rest!!  I wasn't actually sure where I was but I am ready to have adventures now.


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York, England - 31st December 2011

By: Leslee

Well after arriving in York and I had time to catch up with Alien Princess and meet Momo and my new host at a cafe.
I shared the candy that I brought with me :OD

But then it was time to get busy already!
I went in a car to town and parked in a multistory car park.

Most's Mum did some clothes shopping in the sale.

Then we bought some nice food in a supermarket.  My host said some of the food was for our new year party.

Back at home, I helped my host work on Yewlee's house.  It was tiring work,

Then it was almost midnight!  That means the year will end and a new one begins!
We sat at the window to watch fireworks.
and counted down, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ...
but we couldn't see the fireworks.  We could only hear them!

So quickly we ran to the television to see the fireworks at London instead.

Happy new year!!!!

Then it was time for bed
Night night.

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York, England - 3rd January 2012

By: Leslee


I went to work with my host.  This is a school so it was nice for Alien Princess to play.

We went in the cave and helped paint bugs with glow-in-the-dark paint.

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York, England - 7th January 2012

By: Leslee


I haven't been out yet.  My host was poorly so we stayed here sewing and eating biscuits.
I got to have lots of cuddles with Alien Princess.

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York, England - 20th January 2012

By: Leslee

today was exciting but a bit sad.  Alien Princess set off to go to America.
She took some candy and a few little things.
I will miss her but I know she will have fun.

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York, England - 21st January 2012

By: Leslee

This toy shop is on the way into town.  It was here when my host was a girl.

Here is a way to get on the city walls

so I went up

I could see lots from the walls.
I walked all the way along this part but there are many other parts of wall to walk on.
It was raining a lot, the small camera ran out of batteries, and then the big camera's photos didn't work properly, so...
I will come back some time.

I wonder what this is for?

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York, England - 27th January 2012

By: Leslee

I like to look on ToyVoyagers to see what other toys are doing.
Here, Momo is very pleased that the toy he found is a ToyVoyager now.
I am wearing a crown made of potato crisp packets!  I can't keep it because it was a gift to my host from her mother but I like to wear it.

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York, England - 4th February 2012

By: Leslee

I went out to see York again today but it was very unpleasant!
It started snowing.

Some places looked really pretty with the snow
but it was a proper snow storm and very cold for taking photos.

I went to the supermarket on the way home and met Paddington Bear.

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York Base Camp, England - 5th February 2012

By: Leslee

The snow has stopped and it is sunny!

Momo and I made a snowman

Then I made snow angels

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Hull, uk - 12th February 2012

By: Leslee

I went all the way in a car to Hull with Momo!

I could see the famous Humber Bridge

and we drove underneath it!

I knew when I was nearly there because of the blocks of flats.

I just came here for The Deep
Inside I climbed to the top and looked out of the window to see the estuary.

The fish were amazing

and there were activities to do.

At last it was time to eat.
I was ready for food by then!!!

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York, UK - 17th February 2012

By: Leslee

I had a stroll into town to see the abbey ruins in the museum gardens.

And went to the city library for books with my host.

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