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Travelog for: Big Glubschi

Linz, Austria - 31st December 2011

By: RichMich

Hey  :)

Today itīs New Yearīs Eve.
I was outside now and heart the first rockets.  :rolleyes:
I am looking forward to the evening to see the big fireworks from Linz.

Outside itīs not cold  :stare: ...but it should! Penguins like me like the winter, the snow and the cold temperatures... here in Austria is no snow and it has about 5° Celsius.
Maybe i am travelling to a cold country soon.  :rolleyes:

Next week i will start my first journey to another country, i am very excited.  :cyclops:

Greets, Big Glubschi :)


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Linz, Austria - 7th January 2012

By: RichMich

Hello  :rolleyes:

Today it is a very special day...
...i am starting my journey  :cyclops:

My first trip goes to United Kingdom  :rolleyes:
I am very excited!

Hopefully the Journey takes not too long, because here inside the parcel its very dark...  :o

Bye, Big Glubschi  :rolleyes:


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Potters Bar, England - 18th January 2012

By: Xadrian

Hello, its me, Big Glubschi!

I arrived safely at my new host's house in the United Kingdom.

Shortly after I arrived I heard a scratching sound coming from the outside...


It's  Nanu another toyvoyager that had just arrived!


Nanu barked a "hello".  I wonder what adventures we will have soon?

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Potters Bar, England - 22nd January 2012

By: Xadrian

Hello! Another package has arrived it seems.


Another toyvoyager! His name is Rendolph.

Welcome Rendolph!


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Potters Bar, England - 25th January 2012

By: Xadrian

Today our host took us out for some exercise.  A walk in the woods to go exploring!


We came across this old concrete "pillbox"bunker from World War II.


The inside of the bunker was quite tiny and very dirty! It looks like someone had lived inside or had a party there so we did not go in.


Across the road were concrete tank barriers to keep tanks at bay.


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Trent Park, Enfield, England - 2nd February 2012

By: Xadrian

Hello! Today our host took us to Trent Park in Enfield.

Some information on the park taken from Wikipedia -Trent Park

Trent Park dates back to the fourteenth century when it was part of Enfield Chase, one of Henry IV's hunting grounds. In 1777 George III leased the site to Sir Richard Jebb his favourite doctor as a reward for saving the life of the King's younger brother, the then Duke of Gloucester. Jebb chose the name Trent, because it was in Trento that the King's brother had been saved.
In about 1836 the house was bought by the banker David Bevan for his son Robert Cooper Lee Bevan on his marriage to Lady Agneta Yorke. Robert Bevan built Christ Church, Trent, in 1838 to provide a suitable place of worship for the district. In 1909 the estate was sold to Philip Sassoon (cousin of the poet Siegfried Sassoon), who entertained many celebrity guests at Trent Park, including Charlie Chaplin and Winston Churchill.

During World War II Trent Park was used as a special prisoner of war camp for captured German generals and staff officers. They were treated reasonably hospitably with special rations of whisky and regular walks in the grounds. Many of the rooms inside the mansion had been equipped with hidden microphones and listening devices, and thus the British military was able to gather important military information and an intimate inside-view into the minds of the German military elite. They received information about war crimes, political views and got a clearer picture of the military resistance that led to the unsuccessful coup on July 20, 1944. 84 Generals and a number of lower ranking staff officers were brought to Trent Park. More than 1,300 protocols were written by the time the war ended; a selection of these was published in English in 2007 under the title Tapping Hitler's Generals.

Near the parking lot were several downed trees that had been carved into various shapes.

Someone carved chairs from the stumps.


Its not the best looking chair, but it serves its purpose!


A bunny!


What is this? I don't know, but it makes a good hidey hole!


After a long tromp around the woods, we took a rest on a nearby tree.


What is this? Near the tree we found a mysterious brown box!


Oh, its a geocache! Interesting...
More information on Geocaching


Inside the cache.


Unfortunately our host wasn't feeling well, so we didn't get to see much more of the park.  Maybe next time! 

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Potters Bar, England - 10th February 2012

By: Xadrian

Today we received two packages in the mail!  One was a muffin mix box... mmm... and the other was a white mystery box!


When we opened the muffin mix box there was no mix inside!  Instead it was another toyvoyager, Horscht

Horscht is very TALL!


What could be in the other box? Cookies? Candy?


Its another toyvoyager named Paul.


Welcome new friends!

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Potters Bar, England - 14th February 2012

By: Xadrian

When we peeked out the window this morning, the ground was covered in snow!


After breakfast we raced outside to play in the snow.  Rendolph, Nanu and I decide what we should do first.  Build a snowman? Have a snowball fight?


I decided to make a snow penguin.  How do you like it?


Nanu and I took turns throwing snowballs at each other.


Look at this snowman we made!  We used black beans for eyes and twigs for arms.


Having lots of fun!
Big Glubschi

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Northaw, England - 1st March 2012

By: Xadrian

Today we went for a walk around Northaw, a nearby village.

Did you know Northaw is Hertfordshire's best kept village? I didn't either, but apparently they are VERY proud of it.


This is the St. Thomas A Becket Parish Church.

"St Thomas a Becket Church, formerly known as St Thomas of Canterbury, was the third church built on the site in 1882. (The church before, dedicated in 1810, was completely destroyed by fire in 1881.)"
St. Thomas




Whew, slightly thirsty after the walk around the church grounds, I wonder we can get a drink from this pipe?


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London, England - 4th March 2012

By: Xadrian

Today we went into London to see St. Paul's Cathedral.  Unfortunately there was a security issue on the tubes so they were not running in that direction.

Instead we decided to walk around and see what there was to see.

First, my host wants to include a picture we took the other day at a mall in Essex.  Can you see me?


Ok, on with the London pictures!

We will rock you show with a giant Freddy Mercury out front.


The usual phone booth picture. My host managed to find a side that didn't have "creepy" advertisements posted on it.      Paul wait your turn!!


Soho Square where there are several different statues outside.





Next we wandered over to Trafalgar Square.  On the way we saw more artsy things including a pretty egg!



St. Martin In-The-Fields church.






George Washington.


Good bye UK, I’m jumping in my package and off to the United States.

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Minnesota, USA - 17th March 2012

By: Jillyfish

I have arrived safely. Whew! What a trip! I am glad to finally be here.
Where am I, you ask? Why, no other than Minnesota, USA! A whole new country for me to explore. :)

We visited my host's Grandparent's home this weekend. It was nice and sunny outside! All the snow has already melted here~!  :o

This is the backyard. I love the long trees!







We even found a little barn. How quaint!


Bye Bye for now!
--Big Glubschi

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St. Paul, MN, USA - 24th March 2012

By: Jillyfish

We went somewhere really cool last weekend! Can you guess where? :)

First we took a walk through a park. I found a comfy bench!


It's the Minnesota State Capitol! :D

..... It was a very cloudy and rainy day, but the building was very impressive. We took a tour with a class of Fourth Graders!





Here's some shots of the city:


I had a great day! :)

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Bloomington, Minnesota, USA - 1st April 2012

By: lazyfairy


I traveled to a new place today, and this time I didn't have to ride in a dark package!  Riding in the car was lots of fun!  Don't worry, I wore a seatbelt.

I made a new friend.  Her name is Peep.  She will keep me company while I am here.


My new hosts have promised me a very fun week.  I hope to visit lots of new places with them!  :D

I'll be updating again very soon!

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Apple Valley, Minnesota, USA - 2nd April 2012

By: lazyfairy

Today Peep and I visited the Minnesota Zoo!


The Minnesota Zoo is in Apple Valley, Minnesota.  I really liked meeting all kinds of animal friends.

First, we rode the Monorail around the zoo.  It was a little scary being so high up.  Now I know why penguins don't fly!  :thinking:


At this zoo, they have a farm!  I picked the right time of year to go, in the Spring they have lots of baby animals.  This is an old granary from the Land 'o' Lakes Farm.


The Baby Piglets were super cute.  However, they are not as cute when they grow up.  I think she wanted to eat me...


After the farm, we stopped by the Gift Shop and got a big surprise!  I think I found my cousin.  My... well, very very fat cousin.


My hosts saved the best part of the zoo for last.  I got to meet the Penguins!  These are African Penguins.  I really enjoyed chatting with them.  I really liked all of their stripes, but they were so jealous of my blue feet!


Almost time to go home, but before we go, let's stop for something good and penguin-y at the Penguin Cafe.


I am so happy to be able to complete a life mission today!  Can't wait to find out what we are doing tomorrow! 

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Bloomington, Minnesota, USA - 3rd April 2012

By: lazyfairy

Today is so warm and sunny.  We decided to stop by Dairy Queen for some food and something cold. 


My frozen drink was perfect for a penguin like me, however it's too tall!


I enjoyed a large meal, and now I'm stuffed.  B)


Will be writing again soon!

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