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ToyVoyager Profile: Willy W.

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Name: Willy W.
Description: Willy W. was rescued on a flea market in september 2008. First I thought he may be a character from a comic or a TV series for children, but he turned out to be the mascot of a German tool producing company. So Willy is a natural craftsman who would like to help you repair your car, lawnmover or to refurbish your house. Like (almost) every craftsman he loves a beer while he is working.
Height (cm): 17
Weight (g): 40

Life Missions: [3 out of 4 complete]:
Complete: Repair a car.
Complete: Go shopping in a DIY store.
Complete: Have a large beer while working.
Incomplete: Meet more craftsmen in red overalls.

Mentor: olgamaus
Hosted by: Szandra dejoloka karla vickyp Apperveilchen Luv_Lioness pegger aileen fam-united kessalia cocoaby Niceheather


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