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Name: Tochi
Description: Konnichiwa! My name's Tochi and I'm a friendly bush baby, who grew up in Japan. I've come to Germany and found a nice Mommy, but no matter how much I love her: I want to conquer the world! I'm very curious if it comes to other nations' culture and I want to actively take part in your traditions. I also want to travel to Japan to visit my old home. I'm musical and one of my biggest dreams is to start a rock band and become a famous bassist. Sometimes I'm a little clumsy. Please bear with me! Let's become good friends!
Birthday: 2010-03-31
Height (cm): 14
Weight (g): 90

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: party in a club/bar in Manhatten, New York, USA
Incomplete: have a jam session with you (and your friends)
Incomplete: visit a real rice field
Incomplete: outdoors: go fishing, sleeping in a tent, do rock climbing, go hiking
Incomplete: learn at least one word in the language of each of my hosts

Mentor: Sammy
Hosted by: olgamaus FosterCareHome


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