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Name: Fred Abear
Description: Hi, my name is Fred Abear and this is my story... I was born on a date I can't remember back in China and grew up in Malta. I had a happy childhood and loved to play with my friends in the store. One day, I thought all my dreams were about to come true - someone came into the store and bought me! At last, I could go see this great big world that I'd heard about. I was so chuffed! My new friend took me to work where I sat with them everyday until one day, I accidentally got bumped and I fell behind the desk. I cried out but no one heard me so I just sat there and waited until my friend would come looking for me. It was awfully quiet and dusty down there though I at least had Santa to keep me company. I waited day after day for my friend to appear but they never came. It was here that K found me and where my story starts anew. - Fred
Birthday: 2007-09-03
Height (cm): 8
Weight (g):

Life Missions: [1 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: To see Malta again
Incomplete: To go for a picnic in the woods (Teddybears love picnics)
Incomplete: To dance like my idol Fred Astaire
Complete: To go for a boat ride
Incomplete: To celebrate a birthday with a new friend

Mentor: Kat
Hosted by: michele crizle


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