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Name: Ape Apina
Description: Hello! My name is Ape Apina. I'm a small monkey. I'm a friendly friend to everyone. I love to see and do different things. If you want to spend some time with me and host me, just let my mommy know about it. Great! Let's have fun!
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2012-04-13
Height (cm): 14
Weight (g): 38

Life Missions: [1 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: Meet a real living monkey
Incomplete: Learn "banana" in 10 different languages (3/10)
Incomplete: Eat 5 different foods, which has made by banana (2/5)
Complete: Climb in the palm tree
Incomplete: Visit in an island

Mentor: mmm105
Hosted by: freestyle SiniS melik90 EuroMaus milla444 Sarah Lynn


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