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ToyVoyager Profile: GustavHH

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Name: GustavHH
Description: GustavHH is a friendly yellow guy. He loves to laugh and have a party, but surely is interested in culture and good food.
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2007-09-04
Height (cm): 5
Weight (g): 25

Life Missions: [5 out of 5 complete]:
Complete: Meet another yellow ToyVoyager.
Complete: Drink Beer in 4 different countries.(0/4)
Complete: Be photographed next to a big horse.
Complete: Travel to 3 countries with yellow/gold on their flag.(0/3)
Complete: Read a comic book.

Mentor: RikeH
Hosted by: Leslie DemiShinigami MamiTig Wauzi Noisy nuriayasmin MA_17 BlackCat BlueTeddy HoBi WingedWolf olgamaus fleursmum smaug Vunder


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