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ToyVoyager Profile: Marty the Moose

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Name: Marty the Moose
Description: I'm Marty the Moose. I am ready to get out and see the world now.. if you would like to host me or could help with my life missons please contact my guardian. Likes: Strawberry Mousse, Being Cheeky and Playing Hide n' Seek Dislikes: Being put into bags that he cant see out of, being left alone and bananas
Gender: Male
Height (cm): 18
Weight (g): 100

Life Missions: [3 out of 5 complete]:
Complete: To Meet Another TV Moose
Incomplete: To Visit A Beautiful Castle
Complete: To Travel to Canada
Complete: To Travel on London Underground
Incomplete: To Visit Disneyland

Mentor: LittleBlogFrog
Hosted by: imahockeynut AbbyB BlackCat


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