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Name: Leopoldi
Description: Leopoldi is a little dragon in love. He saw Herlinde on the screen and fall in love at once. Each day he watched for news and was so sad if there wasn't a new picture or what else! And now- Herlinde is staying with us - he is so ashamed and shy, it's really nice to watch him. Leopoldi decided to become a brave dragon and wants to travel some time before he can marry his big love Herlinde.
Gender: Male
Height (cm): 10 stretched ;-)
Weight (g): 17

Life Missions: [1 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: visit 10 medieval castles
Incomplete: visit 5 medieval markets
Incomplete: learn how to make fire
Complete: meet Herlinde again
Incomplete: marry Herlinde

Mentor: Noisy
Hosted by: beelicious ...Kathy... olgamaus agentsmith RikeH ScillyHH


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