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Name: Petit Lapin
Description: Petit Lapin is the first TV of Noisy's 10 year old son. He will start his journey in the RR16, because to fill it up, because most of the young members aren't interested any longer :-( Noisy will have an eye on it, that Petit Lapin will continue his mission. The photos for the first travelogs were taken by the little boy ;-) Please don't call him Daddy, his name is Gabriel :-)
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2001-08-14
Height (cm): (sitting) 11
Weight (g): 42

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: want to visit 5 Ark-farms where live threatened extinction of the breeds
Incomplete: want to send 10 postcards with a rooster to Gabriel(ask Noisy for the ad!)
Incomplete: want to find a penpal for Gabriel (*2001)
Incomplete: want to build a Veggie Garden and Eat Veggies
Incomplete: want to find 5 geocaches

Mentor: Noisy
Hosted by: smaug Gabriel MamiTig


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