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Name: Joesy
Description: I am a little monkey-girl with a biiiiiig heart. I am a little bit shy. I love to climb into all sorts of green plants, especially palms. I am really crazy for all kind of colorful sweets, so take care for your stock ;-) I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers, they will stay at home for a while.
Gender: Female
Birthday: 2012-01-25
Height (cm): 7
Weight (g): 10

Life Missions: [2 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: want to meet 5 other TVs of Noisy at their hosts
Incomplete: want to meet 5 TV-monkeys
Incomplete: want to visit a Zoo and eat icecream
Complete: want to learn skateboarding
Complete: want to learn how to drive a tractor

Mentor: Noisy
Hosted by: orangesunshine Dr.Kröbner emmakko agentsmith mcdaniels Yosemite beelicious


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