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Name: Leila
Description: Hi! I'm a little sheep from Lithuania and I love all the girl things, but my other passion is traveling! I hope to see a lot of countries, take pictures, go shopping with my host mums, meet new TV's and become friends with them, chat with other sheeps, have a great time and come back home safely one day :) If you want me to visit you, please write my mum a PM!
Gender: Female
Birthday: 2012-07-15
Height (cm): 10
Weight (g): 19

Life Missions: [1 out of 5 complete]:
Complete: Meet a real sheep and another TV sheep (2nd part completed) (1/2)
Incomplete: Visit Paris and see the Eiffel Tower
Incomplete: Go to Iceland!
Incomplete: Be on every continent of the Earth
Incomplete: See the ocean

Mentor: coraline
Hosted by: Ravyna mmm105 Blackie Julie Hansen


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