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Name: Jala
Description: Jambo! This means: Hello in Swahili. (I hope so, because I've never been in Afrika, but I hope to learn more words in some Afrikan languages and others of course, too. :-D) Habari gani? (How are you?) I hope you all are fine and would host a little monkey girl. My mommy rescued me from a second hand shop. She told me, that I could be a ToyVoyager and now here I am! :-D Pease feel free to ask my mommy if I can visit you. My name means one-of-a-kind in the afrikan language (we think so ^^). How you can see I'm a very hyper lady, so it wouldn't be boring with me. Kwaheri! (good bye, see you!) Yours, Jala
Gender: Female
Birthday: 2012-02-01
Height (cm): 18
Weight (g): 65

Life Missions: [1 out of 5 complete]:
Complete: See a monkey in the wilderness or the zoo
Incomplete: Make a safari trip
Incomplete: climb on trees in five different countries (0/5)
Incomplete: Learn how to skiing
Incomplete: Cook/Bake something delicous with/from bananas

Mentor: Zandy
Hosted by: Gizalba


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