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Name: Klöver
Description: Hey! I´m Klöver, born as "Chlee" in Appenzell, Switzerland. But since mum and I moved to Sweden I´m called Klöver now. I´m a friendly little cow, I like nature, to read and travel and a lot of other things. Sometimes I can be quite childish and a bit crazy, but when it´s important I will also use my brain. If u want to know more, just ask me. Biz
Gender: Female
Birthday: 2009-04-03
Height (cm): 6
Weight (g): 40

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: Drink beer in a nice Pub or bar
Incomplete: Make 5 pics with free animals out in the wild (0/5)
Incomplete: Make 5 pics with different, but nice motorbikes (0/5) (dad likes ducatis, mum is more practical)
Incomplete: Dine with a king or a queen
Incomplete: Do something crazy

Mentor: Fisi
Hosted by: Susie's


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