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Name: Ssshnake
Description: Hi, Iīm Shhhnake, a little snake from Fuenlabrada (Madrid) in Spain. I like travel, sports, cinema, and make funny things. Iīm a good snake, i promise, i donīt bite and not attack. I donīt have venom in my fangs, and like play with cats, dogs, and other pets and animals.
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2013-09-15
Height (cm): 15
Weight (g): 10

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: going to the stadium of celtic of glasgow
Incomplete: travel to Los angeles, new york, new zealand and greece
Incomplete: take a photograph with a TARDIS (blue police box cabin, like the Dr who)
Incomplete: Meet almos 6 new tv friends
Incomplete: Going to Legoland (Any legoland)

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