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Name: Smooch
Description: Smooch is a cute cuddle cow that is always in for a joke. He has a serious side too. As you might know a Cow has his own interests..but this one is special. He is broad minded. Also very interested in other countries, comparing where he comes from. Meeting some Cows from the country he might be traveling and even look at or meet a Cowboy. in person....though that might be scary as well.... Smooch is gentle easy going, serious and very friendly. He has a hard time waiting for her first trip.!! His bags are packed ...this Cow is READY .. ~Smooch~
Birthday: 2005-09-02
Height (cm):
Weight (g):

Life Missions: [3 out of 5 complete]:
Complete: meeting some sister Cows
Complete: is invited to the USA!!
Complete: taste foreign grass
Incomplete: ride a fancy car
Incomplete: go to a Cow-Spa

Mentor: Tess
Hosted by: ondrejliska nikar Szandra arxitempela ChristinaB jellycat Deborah Mood annbear swiss_sunshine Pandamao Luv_Lioness fam-united olgamaus Sissi


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