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Name: bumble
Description: Hello, My name is Bumble and I am a very small bumble bee. My owner wants me to go all over the world so please pm her if you want to host me. You can also U2U her on postcrossing and her username is shana10212 as well. Thanks a bunch, Bumble
Birthday: 2007-07-08
Height (cm): 9
Weight (g):

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: Visit one of the seven wonders of the world
Incomplete: Meet kids in an orphanage
Incomplete: See a real bee hive
Incomplete: Eat lots of hunny
Incomplete: Travel in an airplane or boat

Mentor: shana10214
Hosted by: JustSu spicebunny wourpet tarepanda


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