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Name: Jade
Description: Let me introduce myself I am miss Jade and I like to travel around the world. I mean a lot to my mum kaylihi and for her it's hard to let me go. But she understands I want to travel. She likes to travel too, but she has to work. She's a 28 years old book-and postcrosser and lives in the Netherlands. This are my plans for now: 1 Daniella (Turkey)--> I'm now 2 ChristinaB (Austria) 3.budapestgirl1974 (Italy) 4. Meg (Ireland) 5.kristl (Russia) 6. Iepmel (Canada) 7.earthvssoup (Alaska-USA) 8.tarepanda (Miami -USA)
Birthday: 2007-09-04
Height (cm): 22
Weight (g): 73

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: Dance a congaline.
Incomplete: Go on the photo with so much different german shepards a possible.
Incomplete: Meet another kremlin(I hope as sweet as I am)
Incomplete: On the photo in a real American wallmarket.
Incomplete: Visit the big city New-York

Mentor: kaylihi
Hosted by: ChristinaB


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