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Name: Mister_Right
Description: Mister_Right is a sweet little teddy with an open heart for new adventures, friends and may be romance! You never know :) He is quite extraordinary for the bear, as he was born with a tiny green tail :P He spent years crossing fingers in different destinations on a world map and finally 1 stary night decided to leave his big family (40 brothers and sisters of different nations) and see the world. They miss him a lot and hope he'll be back safe and happy. NOTE FOR THE HOSTS: I'd love to receive a little note or postcard, signed by Mr Right from the places he visited, or little note or souvenir - any tiny thing will do. But that's not obligation! In return I can send you a card or souvenir of your preference from Russia and would willingly host your toy. Mr Right would like to date other teddies, so if you've got any in your house or you've got a local teddy shop - please take a picture. And the last - he adores chocolate and any kind of local food so feel free to show him something yummy. Thats just our little wishes and there is no obligation to follow them :) Hope you enjoy! And please, help Mr Right to come back safe!
Birthday: 2007-10-10
Height (cm): 10
Weight (g): 25

Life Missions: [1 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: party in Barcelona
Incomplete: eat sushi in Japan
Incomplete: try ice-skating
Complete: have a quick romance with other teddy, or may be a long-distant relationship :)
Incomplete: learn a word in every country visited

Mentor: Miss_Nadine
Hosted by: tarepanda ppagano LadyxSky magickzzl Michele_one_L wmphimu wourpet olgamaus BlackCat


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