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Name: Ossa
Description: JOURNEY LIST 1. fam-united (GERMANY) 2. alleycat (ISRAEL) *3. goofychicken (NETHERLANDS)* 4. kristl (RUSSIA) 5. carolcaracol (BRAZIL) 6. carlista (Florida - USA) 7. Prowl_Worshipper (AUSTRALIA) 8. mypostcrossing (SPAIN) 9. ChristinaB (AUSTRIA) 10. Anna (USA) 11. Ghobi (GERMANY) 12. Buggy4526 (USA) 13. Eryah (NETHERLANDS)
Birthday: 2007-10-11
Height (cm): 17
Weight (g): 28

Life Missions: [1 out of 5 complete]:
Complete: Spending time in the sun on the beach
Incomplete: Be featured in a magazine
Incomplete: Go skiing
Incomplete: Visiting a big candy store
Incomplete: See the Hollywood sign

Mentor: koocachoo
Hosted by: fam-united alleycat goofychicken carlissa


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