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Name: gargouille
Description: Gargouille is a tiny (french) frog who especially loves travels. Very easy going, and who likes eating different food... a real sweet heart ! Gargouille has a small size so can travel in an enveloppe and go every where (in a pocket, hand bag ...) just to update Gargouille's travel plan : 1. Australia (now) - Yllup 2. UK- Ocean soul 13 3. USA (California) - violette28 4. Netherlands- Eryah 5. USA (NY state) - Michele one L 6. Africa - (Lizette)
Birthday: 2008-01-21
Height (cm): 13
Weight (g): 50

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: to be at the top of 5 sky scrappers in the USA or Canada
Incomplete: to see the 'sakura', do origami and sing with a geisha in japan
Incomplete: to visit the sydney opera, see the coral reef, ayers rock (uluru) and play with a boomrang in austra
Incomplete: to eat a scone, a shortbread, an apple pie with custard in the uk
Incomplete: to visit 5 sunny beaches (in a different country)

Mentor: Fleurdunord
Hosted by: Yillup Ocean_Soul13


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