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Name: Mulalu
Description: Hi there! My name is Mulalu. I am from Africa, but I am not a Safari elephant. I originate from the Knysna Forest in the South of Africa. There are many famous stories about my Grandfathers in these forest. Also many a dead men. Unfortunately today there are not many of us left and I carry on the legacy. Currently I live a happy life here in Stellenbosch, which is the heart of the Winelands in South Africa. We drink lots of wine here so my long slurpie comes in quite handy:) I like to go camping with Lizzie (Only I can call her that) and always listen to all her adventures around the campfire. She also likes to travel and I hope one day I can make her really jealous by going to many more countries than she has been to....sorry Liz, if you were a elephant we could post you too. Hard life....boehaha.
Birthday: 2008-02-07
Height (cm): Higher than you
Weight (g): No comment

Life Missions: [1 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: Drink Bordeaux style wine in France
Incomplete: Drink Beer in Germany, Oktoberfest style
Incomplete: Visit a "cafe" in Amsterdam
Incomplete: Eat a Hamburger with a Strawberry milkshake in America
Complete: Dunno really what the sheep do in Australia but would like to party with them anyway

Mentor: Lizette
Hosted by: sararingham Yillup Eryah Marjolein


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