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Name: Fester
Description: I am Fester the Rat. I have been around for awhile. I am trying to stop the filthy habit of smoking cigars, so am looking for folks to take me to various places to teach me a more peaceful and constructive ways to handle stress.
Birthday: 1950-07-09
Height (cm): 15.2
Weight (g): unknown

Life Missions: [3 out of 5 complete]:
Complete: Get my clothes on the correct way....seems they are backward
Incomplete: Visit a smoking cessation seminar.
Complete: Become a friend with a cat.
Incomplete: Get my whiskers trimmed.
Complete: Get rid of this pesky nasty cigar in my mouth.

Mentor: Puny&Bumblebee
Hosted by: olgamaus Michele_one_L iddewes


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