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Name: Etwas
Description: I'm the result of Katrin's crazy idea to create her own TV, she took some wool and started to crochet and here I am. Height and weight will be added when I'm finished. I think I'll tell everybody that I'm a ghost (a very colorful one!) because I remind Katrin of the ghosts in the Pacman Game... Well, I prefer being a ghost than a worm which Katrin originally planed to create. :P
Birthday: 2008-11-10
Height (cm): 13
Weight (g): 28

Life Missions: [3 out of 4 complete]:
Complete: celebrate Halloween in the US
Complete: visit spooky places
Incomplete: meet a real ghost
Complete: learn something about ghosts

Mentor: babyamy
Hosted by: Szandra Delenna JaymeC vickyp AbbyB DeliciousJu Pixiedustlady TaisAfinskaia smaug vivyanhui


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