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Name: Bobbie
Description: Hello, my name is Roberta, but everyone calls me Bobbie. I'm a tiny little ant, who is very communicative, openminded and always willing to help. I love travelling and I love to get to know other cultures. I'm already sooo exited about my trip, because it's the first time I travel all alone. Please, help me if I get in trouble! Oh, one more thing about me, I'm freezing easily, please, try to keep me warm! Love Bobby
Birthday: 2008-08-22
Height (cm):
Weight (g):

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: go surfing
Incomplete: get pics with beautiful flowers
Incomplete: get some clothes to keep me warm
Incomplete: join a fashion show
Incomplete: have a least one real adventure

Mentor: Greycat
Hosted by: cyndir JaymeC


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