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Name: Froschi
Description: I am Froschi, a small green cuddly frog from Bremen. Last summer there was a frog attack in Bremen. Small cute frogs from my frog spawn (aka Bremen4, the local radio station) were all over the town. Everyone who has found one of us was happy to pick it up and give him or her a new home. Unfortunately Miss Agi never found one of us. She was so sad and cried and complained at work (Radio Bremen), so that she got me as a birthday present from her colleagues. At first I lived in her bathroom. Miss Agi thought I might like the damp climate. Now I moved to her study and try to motivate her with my smiling face while she works on her master thesis. Because I am doing so well she promised me some special holidays. I am soooo excited!!!! It is sometime ago now that Miss Agi has successfully finished her studies! I am very proud of her. AND now she tells me travel by myself!!! What a great reward!!!
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2008-08-08
Height (cm): 15
Weight (g): (super light)

Life Missions: [3 out of 5 complete]:
Complete: To meet Curmit the Frog
Incomplete: To do some bungee or parachute jumping
Complete: To visit a real swamp and real frogs
Complete: To assist a cool DJ on a really cool party and make people sweat :-)
Incomplete: To fall in love while my journey

Mentor: miss agi
Hosted by: mr.héc


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