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Name: Sweet Mimi
Description: Hi, I am Sweet Mimi. My full name is Mimihopps, but that's just too many letters. I used to be a keychain, but my 'people' thought I was too pretty to be one. They hung me on a closet door and then I dissapeared into a drawer. After sleeping almost 4 years, I am rested enough and ready to conquer the world! However, I am not as sweet as you might think. I love to explore, so you need to keep a close eye out for me! I also don't like to be left alone. I travel with one piercing in my left ear and the Evil Eye around my neck, for protection.
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2005-12-29
Height (cm): 18
Weight (g): 40

Life Missions: [1 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: Visit New Zealand
Complete: Meet a Bernese Mountain Dog
Incomplete: Watch a young sheep being born
Incomplete: Touch the Berlin Wall
Incomplete: Visit Miami Ink (and maybe get my own tattoo)

Mentor: Braveheart Sam
Hosted by: RikeH emo_kid Leslie


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