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Name: Takkie
Description: My name is Takkie, I'm an character of a Dutch childrens book named Jip en Janneke. I will be arriving to my new house very soon. Jip and Janneke where created in Vlissingen, at newspaper "het Parool". They had a cat, Siepie, and a dog, Takkie. Often stories are about the milkman or the General Practicioner. That's why Takkie has his missions: to visit his origin and meet other milkmen and GP's. Hope you can help him!
Birthday: 2010-08-17
Height (cm):
Weight (g): 15

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: Meet Siepie, the cat (from "Jip en Janneke")
Incomplete: Visit the newspaper "het Parool", the place where Takkie was created.
Incomplete: Visit Vlissingen, the city where Takkie was created.
Incomplete: Meet milkmen all over the world.
Incomplete: Meet general practicioners all over the world.

Mentor: Braveheart Sam
Hosted by: arasmi dragonfly momozeitlos


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