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Name: Pea
Description: Hi there! I am the brain child of my hoo-man. She has had a toy gecko with her for the past 14 years. The others before me have since retired, and I have been in charge for the past 2 years! I must say - I'm pretty sure that I'm the coolest. I love to travel & I love to dress up! I have quite the extensive clothing collection. My hoo-man is also under contractual obligation to make me new clothes on a regular basis. I have visited all sorts of fun places through out Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California and nevada. I look forward to traveling more places, Some of my other interests include weather, photography, baseball, horses, sailing, and food. I like food. A lot. I can't wait for other critters to come and visit! Follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/gabbygecko
Gender: Female
Birthday: 2008-11-05
Height (cm):
Weight (g):

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: Meet someone famous.
Incomplete: Climb a 14,000 ft Colorado mountain.
Incomplete: Wear diamonds.
Incomplete: Visit another country.
Incomplete: Have another hoo-man make me a dress.

Mentor: GabbyGecko
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