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Name: froggy
Description: Hey! My name is froggy. Until now I had a quite boring time in a small town close to Osnabrück in Germany. I lived with Aileen all the time and she has quite a lot of soft toys. Although I'm sure she likes me I needed to live in the attic (not really my favourite place to stay...). But now my time has come!! I've got permission from both Aileen and ToyVoyagers to travel around the world! But I've got a problem (and you could help me to solve it:) I don't have any hosts yet :(. But I would looove to see the world; especially the sea and the mountains, big cities and funny buildings... If you can help me, please write to Aileen! She would also host your ToyVoyagers. Hope to see you soon!
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2002-07-14
Height (cm): 5cm high & 20cm
Weight (g): 100

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: to see the SEA
Incomplete: to see the MOUNTAINS
Incomplete: travelling to AUSTRALIA
Incomplete: meeting other TOYVOYAGERS
Incomplete: to see a real VULCANO

Mentor: aileen
Hosted by: GabbyGecko


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