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Name: Flossie
Description: Hello! I am a border collie, a bright and active young lady! I would love to see the world, and also learn how farms work in every kind of society! I was name for a sheep herding dog in a children's book that was much beloved of the children in Mel's life. I am also traveling in memory of their Australian Shepard, Max.
Gender: Female
Birthday: 2011-08-04
Height (cm): 21
Weight (g): 64

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: Herd real sheep
Incomplete: Visit Australia or New Zealand
Incomplete: Participate in mission work in a third-world country
Incomplete: Meet a real working border collie or shepard on a farm
Incomplete: visit working farms in many different places

Mentor: kessalia
Hosted by: RikeH vivyanhui


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