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ToyVoyager Profile: Hannibal

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Name: Hannibal
Description: Hi, my name is Hannibal. I'm a KingBear and I'm always looking for an adventure. I want always serious host-parents but every city, landscape, Sight and Country is good! I'm waiting for your invitation.
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2011-10-23
Height (cm): 24
Weight (g): 45

Life Missions: [3 out of 5 complete]:
Complete: Take a picture with your favourite sports club/sport
Incomplete: Go a day to your workplace
Complete: Go a day to your classroom
Complete: Visit a old/favorite building in your city
Incomplete: Visit a nice place in Nature/on a beach

Mentor: Camaro5
Hosted by: Rena Wauzi Philliph O-Feld Traumfrosch Thaifun


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