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Name: Russ
Description: Hi, I'm Russ, a little turtle from northern germany. Actually it is a very beautiful landscape all around here but I'm a very courius little guy and so I'd like to see many many places of this world. I guess I'm quite an easy host, because I don't need much, I fit into pockets (and don't mind the dark) or can hook up on your keys for a while. You see, I'm pretty uncomplicated :) I also love to make new friends and can't wait to go out and meet many people and stuffed animals :)
Gender: Male
Height (cm): 8
Weight (g):

Life Missions: [0 out of 3 complete]:
Incomplete: Looking up the "churches"(houses) of all the 6 world religions (Christianity, Buddhism, Hi
Incomplete: See a real polarbear
Incomplete: See a gold- or a gemstonemine

Mentor: wiebkay
Hosted by: Philliph O-Feld


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