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Name: Hoppsi
Description: My name is Hoppsi and I'm a litte rabbit-man. I'd like to travel ALL over the world to see other cute animals, interest buldings and above all different cultures. I'm very brave, but also a romantic. You can go with me on adventures and you also can have a candelight dinner with me. I like to try new things and tastes. So with me it will never be boring. I like to sing songs, watch films, musicals, theaterproductions, I like dance, I like to do everything that makes fun. So let's make fun.
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2001-01-14
Height (cm): 17
Weight (g): 46

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: Send a postcard from minimum the half of my destinations to my family in Germany
Incomplete: Visit all 16 capital citys of my home country Germany (4 of 16)
Incomplete: Visit minimum five of seven new wonders of the world an take a picture with them
Incomplete: Vistit as many as possible Hard Rock Cafes/Casions/Hotels in the world
Incomplete: Dive down with a submarine

Mentor: Zandy
Hosted by: ScillyHH Lizzy Dr.Kröbner QuamQuam Shilo Kuschi


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