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Name: Shane
Description: Hello, my name is Shane and I'm almost seven years old. I always wanted to visit different countries on all continents around the world. But due to my mummy, who hasn't enough money to travel the world with me, I haven't been abroad yet. So we both thought that I'm old enough to go on my own and now the time has come to start. I'm totaly excited to get to know new friends (stuffed animals, real people) and new placed and cultures. So help me to get to travel to world :D A bit about my look: I'm a white teddybear, wearing a self-made shirt (a friend of my mummy made it as a present as she had a favourite actor). The shirt says "PHARIC". Furthermore I'm wearing a red scarf (if it gets cold during my trip). I start my trip in Ratingen / Germany - city close to the Netherlands. My first stop will be in Florida.
Gender: Female
Birthday: 2004-12-24
Height (cm): 14
Weight (g): 95

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: Going to all continents (4/5 complete)
Incomplete: Going to a concert of Uh Huh Her & Adam Lambert and watching the ballet "Swan Lake"
Incomplete: Going to at least 5 gay prides in different countries
Incomplete: Learning to surf
Incomplete: Going onto safari

Mentor: RedSwan
Hosted by: snapcrackleomg MamiTig fleursmum poissonrouge


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